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World Record For Twins Born Apart

Mom Gives Birth to Twins an Astounding 87 Days Apart

A truly amazing set of twins in Waterford, Ireland, could break the Guinness World Record for interval between births. When her water broke prematurely at 23 weeks, mom Maria Jones-Elliot gave birth to one of the twins, Amy. That was June 1, 2012. Eighty-seven days later, Jones-Elliot's second daughter, Katie, was born.

As detailed on the Huffington Post, Jones-Elliot's 87-day interval, when substantiated by hospital records, will beat out that of the current record holder, Peggy Lynn, by three days. Still, Lynn's twins, born 84 days apart in the mid-'90s, are extraordinary in a different way: their birthdays span two years!

JacquiAlexander65643 JacquiAlexander65643 4 years
Back in the 50'a my grandmother gave birth to twins 3 months apart. She went into medical history books. Her first twin which was a boy was born in January, sadly he didn't make it and my Aunt was born in April. She survived. Not impossible but not very common
StephanieHenneberry StephanieHenneberry 4 years
Babies could be born in two different years if one was born in November or December and than the other was born in January or February, etc.
StephanieHenneberry StephanieHenneberry 4 years
The comments on this crack me up. It is not common to deliver babies that far apart, and even if your friend was glad they were healthy it would still draw attention from hospital staff whom would probably point out how unusual it is! This woman wasn't looking for publicity, she had the first twin prematurely and was trying to give the other twin the best advantage she could by keeping her in utero as long as possible!
CrzyLdy6 CrzyLdy6 4 years
It is possible to have two babies concieved at different time, but it is not very common and then highly unusual for them to be born on different days let alone months apart. The article doesn't say that they were concieved at different times though, just born on different days. The one was born at 23 weeks, the other at 36. @ Nera2525, your co-worker was obviously telling you a tall tale, or she would hold the world record, not this family. And your friend didn't have hers three months apart, both full term or she would have the record for babies concieved three months apart than then born three months apart, didn't happen.
hayleymelliott hayleymelliott 4 years
Ah, nevermind. My brain finally decided to work. Lol
hayleymelliott hayleymelliott 4 years
Maybe I'm having major mom brain...but how does Lynn's twins birthdays span 2 years if they are only born 84 days apart? :)
JenniferClark40856 JenniferClark40856 4 years
Actually, it can happen. And you wouldn't have to have 2 uteruses in order to do it, just have your body release an egg while pregnant. Then carry like twins. I know someone who has done it. But this is pretty weird & I assume these twins were fraternal?
CristiMessersmith CristiMessersmith 4 years
What? The comment below is hilarious.
Nera2525 Nera2525 4 years
It is not the first time this has happened, I had a friend that had hers full 3 mo. apart, just no big deal. All it mattered to them that they were born healthy and survived. Nobody talks about women who carry 2 different term babies to full term for both. You be surprised how many women get pregnant, have regular period and get pregnant again with another baby. I worked with someone who had daughter and son 4 months apart both full term.
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