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The Worst Holiday Gifts Ever

The Worst Holiday Gifts Ever

With visions of the ultimate holiday gift dancing in her head, Circle of Moms member Nikki S. says her daydream was shattered the second she sat down next to the Christmas tree and started unwrapping her gifts. She got: a big pack of size 16 granny undies, the same horrid handbag from the previous year, and a pair of poofy football slippers from her husband. "I live in fear at Christmas time, I swear my family has no idea who I am. While I really do appreciate the sentiment (and it's the thought that counts), it would be nice for once to get something I like."

For many moms, it's hard to keep dreaming of that special gift waiting under the tree in the aftermath of last year's fiascos. Desiree R. says at least she has some help with the challenge of staying excited about the surprises that await her: Last year her worst gift was "a self help book on having a positive attitude."

It may have come wrapped with love, but Holly says she was shocked when she opened a gift from her aunt – who used give innocent stuff like Hello Kitty key chains – "right in front of my parents, grandma, aunts, uncles and oldest daughter," to find "super lacy, sheer, skimpy" lingerie. "There was no warning on the box or anything. That was embarrassing."


And it could be worse, says Lucy F. Last year her mother-in-law gave her "a dust pan and brush." Her MIL "clearly thinks the chain attaching me to the kitchen sink is a little too long," she says.


Gifts from Mothers-in-Law

The list of gifts every mom won't love seems to be dominated by the thoughtful efforts of our spouse's mother. Tracy H.'s worst gift ever was "a mini pack of wet wipes from my MIL. She thought it was a good idea in case I needed to wipe my kid's faces when they came out of school."

Jessica L. and Jocelyn S. both bemoan gifts of clothing they've received from theirs: "My MIL got me a couple of, I think they're called popcorn sweaters? Or popcorn shirts, or something. They are this silky kind of material and are all scrunched up and so small they look like they could fit a baby. But then they stretch out and fit an adult. I don't know, I never told her this but they're horridly ugly and not something I would ever ever wear."

"My MIL gave me a scarf," says Jocelyn S. "Normally I love scarves; but this one was trimmed with rabbit fur, and I'm a vegetarian."

Mother-in-laws also seem to love giving house gifts. Heather L. remembers an "ooooooogly hand-painted wooden candleholder" she received from her's. "It's all painted black with spots of other colors - pink, yellow, turquoise, 'vomitous' purple. And it's huge - like 18 inches tall and all fat so you can't hide it. I'm sure it wasn't cheap. But it represents her need to make my house look like her's so it really pisses me off. She's been to our place a million times. She knows that everything is decorated in sages and reds and wood. There is no pink, yellow or turquoise and certainly no 'vomitous' purple. Oh wait - there is some pink. On the chair covers because she covered them for me before we moved here in a fabric that she would want in her house."


File Under "Um, Thanks"

In the practical category, Kate C. not-so-fondly remembers, "a cold remedy pack from my mom one year. It had zinc tablets, nasal spray, Echinacea, and other crap in it. Thanks, Ma."

In the where did this come from category, Rebecca T. says: "I got a book about people who dance with cats. The people were all dressed up like their cats, with makeup and everything. Grown men with tails and a tabby cat twirling ribbons. It would have been kind of cool if it weren't so creepy. That, and I'm allergic to cats."

Then there are the inappropriate gifts that people give your children. Amber M.'s husband once ignored her dislike of guns and got their five-year-old son a real rifle for Christmas. "He would not tell me what he got our two boys. He wanted it to be a surprise for all of us. Well I was looking at the box, and it hit me what it was. I thought it was [a] pelt gun, but he told me it was a Youth 22 Rifle. Our oldest son is almost five and that is who the gun [was] for. I was so mad. . . ."

Just remember, it could always be worse.

What's the worst holiday gift you've received?

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RiverSong RiverSong 3 years
My SIL who knows I am trying to lose weight got me some "expensive" candy things from a bakery. My MIL asked me for ideas on gifts for her to get my husband (because she doesn't know her son well enough?) and I told her a few things he'd like -- namely some DVD's, some video games from his wish list. She wrote back to me saying "I was thinking of maybe giving him clothes or something useful. Maybe he could think of something he really needs." So I told her to get him a belt, and she didn't anyway. What was the point of all that? I once got a decorative plate with a Native American and a horse on it from my sister. I couldn't stop laughing because I was like, a PLATE? I don't collect them, I don't care for them, and I just couldn't figure out why she gave me this plate.
Kitty44208 Kitty44208 5 years
I dont think I have ever received an awful present from my MIL but I did once receive a necklace that seemed an odd choice. It was a cute little silver cross and would actually have been my style of jewelery barring the fact that my husband and I are not christian and are both registered in the Asatru society ( ). Peculiar thing is my MIL is not christian either. My mother once received very racy lingerie from my paternal grandmother. It was the christmas 18 months after my parents divorced. My sweet little Granny wanted her to find a man who "loves and treasures her and worships the ground she walks on" or so she said to me in a conversation we had after I was grown up. However my mother did feel a bit self conscious opening that gift in front of my brother and I (10 yrs and 7 yrs at the time) and her sister, brother in law and her brother in laws father... But it was gift given with complete love, I honestly think she loved my mother more than my father (her son) and she never quite got over us moving back to our native country after the divorce and even came and stayed with us several times.
JulieGarro JulieGarro 5 years
It is hard to bite your tounge and smile. My MIL just grabs stuff at the dollar store without really giving the gift any thought at all. Once, when my son was 5 and 6 she bought the same gift for him two years in a row, a toy for a 1 year old. I finally said lets just not worry about this, money is tight for everyone. Now I don't have to fake a smile and oh and ah over trash.
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