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VickiOtero1386989739 VickiOtero1386989739 3 years

My four year old wants to be Chucky but my six year old is scared of him. If not I would let him wear it. My six year old is dressing up as a Monster High character - not much different than Bratz. They're just costumes.

lorrieschnittker lorrieschnittker 3 years

I see nothing wrong with these costumes. Some are very clever and cute. I was an anti-animal rights activist one year. I wore all my furs and carried my Disneyland pop-gun.

KarenYocum KarenYocum 3 years

Seriously? I'm pretty conservative & the Jersey shore/Diva are the only ones I'd tell my kids no. Just because I don't let my daughter show skin! Because it's...HALLOWEEN! You dress up as something you are not. Granted, some of the others aren't to my taste, but I wouldn't call someone else out & say "how offensive" if they use it! Really! Lighten up!
(For the records I have a Jedi, Sofia, & Spider-man this year, only one store-bought!)

LisaHennesy LisaHennesy 3 years

Ever hear of cops and robbers? What is wrong with toy guns.?
I'll tell you what is. You are.
People like you who are all uptight about well.. Everything

JillLeverett JillLeverett 3 years

Can't see anything wrong with the Bratz costume, maybe a little heavy on the makeup but it is dressing up and not worn on a day to day basis. Personally can't see much wrong with any of them its a bit of fun and something different from the norm. Think the author needs to lighten up a bit.

ChristineMenton ChristineMenton 3 years

"Halloween costumes are a great way for kids to dress for their dream job. And we hope that isn't a convict." Who stole the author's sense of humor and fun. Someone has forgotten what Halloween is about... because I can assure you that back in the early 80's when my kid sister went as Darth Vader she was not dressing for a career as a Sith Lord. *face palm*

SusanSmith19624 SusanSmith19624 3 years

I think some people have way too much time on their hands.

trd1965 trd1965 3 years

What I really think is sad is the loss of peoples sense of humor and fun...Would I dress my kid up in some of these costumes? NO. However it is one night, its for FUN its not for a political statement its not "hey this is what I choose for a career, its a costume people, FOR FUN!! Way too much judgement and hate in this world anymore now a kid cant even get dressed up scary, creepy, funny, strange, weird ect ect ect without some adult deciding there is something wrong with them..........Its a damn costume, for fun, for play, to PRETEND for one night your something/someone else! Get over yourselves!!!

Rachel14949171 Rachel14949171 3 years
Most of these I think are pretty funny... Except the homeless person (although hobo used to be a popular one waaaay back in the day) & jersey shore, but I don't particularly have a problem with someone doing it, especially if they're itty bitty kids who won't remember it/accidentally think it's cool instead of funny. I totally wish I'd thought to dress my 1-year-old as Walter White.
fhc fhc 3 years
i'm actually more disappointed by the comments than i am with the trashy kid costumes. it's a shame that people think it's okay to use kids in this way. halloween is suppose to be a sweet, fun memory -- and everything parents do should be a lesson for their kids. you only have them for 18 years before they're out on their own. do you really want to teach them to emulate our worst examples for social culture -- jersey shore (not exactly nobel laureates), a homeless person (you really want to ridicule people who are homeless?) and breaking bad (way too adult for many adults). this entire blog makes me very sad...and no, genius...i'm not going to lighten up.
KarenPower33071 KarenPower33071 3 years
I'm actually more ticked that you spoiled the ending of Breaking Bad. I've been avoiding it until I finish it on Netflix, and done a wonderful job, til now. Thanks a bunch.
HeatherMcCrayBryant HeatherMcCrayBryant 3 years
I thought it was really funny. Its Halloween yall!! Go crazy right? Only had a problem with one of the costumes though, the Breaking Bad character..They could have leaft out the "meth" in the kids props. That goes a little far in my opinion. My favorite was probably the homeless kid with the shopping funny!! But, as another lady on here said, none where anymore ofensive than white kids dressing as Natives. Its cute.
ChristineTemple ChristineTemple 3 years
I was wating to see maybe missing bloody limbs, gang clothing, skimpy dressed exotic dancer, or a maybe slasher movie killer with a knife covered in fake blood; they really weren't shocking or anything like that to me, and I thought the little woopie cushion costume was really cute ;-)
Lola1962 Lola1962 3 years
Lighten up people!! There are bigger problems in this world. The funniest reply yet, "my parents would be appalled if a Jesus came to the door". HA!!
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