While everyone in America is worried about the presidential race, Japanese officials recently appointed a cartoon ambassador. And, the popular cartoon robot cat, Doraemon fills the position.

An MSNBC article said:

Foreign Minister Masahiko Komura appointed the cat an "anime ambassador," handing a human-sized Doraemon doll an official certificate at an inauguration ceremony, along with dozens of "dorayaki" red bean pancakes — his favorite dessert — piled on a huge plate.

To hear about Doraemon's role and responsibilities,


While wee ones aren't always aware of world leaders, they certainly take notice of the characters on their television screens so it will be interesting to see if this idea becomes a trend with other nations. During the unusual inauguration, the foreign minister who hopes "to harness the power of pop culture in diplomacy" said:

"Doraemon, I hope you will travel around the world as an anime ambassador to deepen people's understanding of Japan so they will become friends with Japan," Komura told the blue-and-white cat.

Do you think the United States will ever follow suit?