Some grandparents play a central role in their grandchildren's lives — doling out stories of previous generations, providing childcare or even indulging their descendants in the goodies that their parents forbid. Other youngsters grow up not having the opportunity to meet the relatives that predeceased them and lacking those familial relationships that tie the past to the future. To fill this void, one European agency is partnering up parties in need. The report said:

An elderly care unit in a small Polish community has offered to rent out pensioners to locals desperate for the kind of help and love that only a grandparent can offer.

The Silesia University's unit for elderly launched the project "Grandmothers and grandfathers to be hired and loved" in the small southern town of Raciborz earlier this year and has so far found new families for three women.

Would you take part in a similar program if it was available in your area?