With Spring breaks little more than a distant memory now, we can all probably tell a story or two of woe about our travel experiences. From packed flights to ground delays, there's nothing like flying to remind you why you needed a vacation in the first place.

Gulf Air, the national airline of Bahrain, offers a rather unique solution for parents looking to max out their vacation time while traveling with tots. Their Sky Nanny service gives parents a break from the moment they reach the check-in counter. In addition to helping throughout the boarding experience, the Sky Nanny arranges appropriate dining times for children, sets up bassinets for babies, distributes activity packs and extra snacks for older kids, provides age-appropriate entertainment options and will even keep an eye on your kids if you happen to fall asleep or need the restroom. And here's the best part, it's free!

Unfortunately, Gulf Air's flight map isn't very extensive, but would you purposely select an airline if you knew they had such a service?