The hilarious Tina Fey's Baby Mama hits theaters soon. And, while the flick offers a comedic take on the womb-for-rent relationship, surrogacy is a timely issue with more and more women waiting until later in life to have children. And a number of hopeful moms-to-be having fertility issues.

Actress Deirdre Hall and journalist, Joan Lunden are two well known women who were very public about their use of surrogates. Though twelve states including New York don't consider the surrogate contracts between biological and adoptive mothers valid, California and a few others regulate the legalized practice. To finish this piece,


A recent piece in Newsweek that focused on the women bearing the babies was particularly poignant saying that while the practice is a labor of love, it also involves a financial transaction. It said:

But what kind of woman would carry a child to term, only to hand him over moments after birth? Surrogates challenge our most basic ideas about motherhood, and call into question what we've always thought of as an unbreakable bond between mother and child.

Would you carry a child for a family member, friend or stranger?