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Would You Encourage Your Child to Fight, as Jennifer Zuniga Did?

Would You Encourage Your Child to Fight, as Jennifer Zuniga Did?

Little is known so far about why a Ceres, California mom, Jennifer Zuniga, encouraged a fist fight in her front yard between two 14 year-olds boys, one of them her son. A video of the fight that was posted on YouTube (Homie vs. rito), in which Zuniga is heard egging on the boys ("get up!," "beat 'em down!"), led to her arrest today for child endangerment and contributing to the delinquency of a minor.

As moms, we have to wonder if Zuniga was encouraging her child because he'd been a victim of bullying and she wanted him to learn to stand up for himself, once and for all. But we also wonder if that even matters. Not only was she the adult in this situation, but it happened on her front lawn, in full view of some of the boys' peers, and according to CBS in Sacramento, she orchestrated the fight.

Are there circumstances in which you would encourage your child to fight?

Image Source: Via CNN

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