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Would You Encourage Your Child to Fight, as Jennifer Zuniga Did?

Would You Encourage Your Child to Fight, as Jennifer Zuniga Did?

Little is known so far about why a Ceres, California mom, Jennifer Zuniga, encouraged a fist fight in her front yard between two 14 year-olds boys, one of them her son. A video of the fight that was posted on YouTube (Homie vs. rito), in which Zuniga is heard egging on the boys ("get up!," "beat 'em down!"), led to her arrest today for child endangerment and contributing to the delinquency of a minor.

As moms, we have to wonder if Zuniga was encouraging her child because he'd been a victim of bullying and she wanted him to learn to stand up for himself, once and for all. But we also wonder if that even matters. Not only was she the adult in this situation, but it happened on her front lawn, in full view of some of the boys' peers, and according to CBS in Sacramento, she orchestrated the fight.

Are there circumstances in which you would encourage your child to fight?

Image Source: Via CNN

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JenniferSchmalle JenniferSchmalle 6 years
Wow, I didn't watch the video so I can't comment on anything but my first impression of what is right or wrong. Right: Having the boy stand up for himself. Wrong: Cheering on violence that begets violence. As a parent, I would be ashamed of myself.
paulahoey paulahoey 6 years
CoMMember13631146570845 CoMMember13631146570845 6 years
I think it's awesome to watch ur child fight with other kid,u think of d consequence and what kind of training is she instiling in d child?Thou we can't do without children bullying dmsef but it behoves we parent to ensure dt violent do not ensue.
CoMMember13627571292703 CoMMember13627571292703 6 years
That used to work way back in the day but "old school" just doesn't work today. Times have changed. Some other way besides violence like community service, put the kid to work and have him do some manual labor for awhile.
CrystalRouanzoin CrystalRouanzoin 6 years
I wouldn't encourage my children to pick fights with others but if my child was being bullied to the point of physical contact then I would hope my child would defend themselves.
CoMMember13630895359697 CoMMember13630895359697 6 years
I have always told my kids that they should never start a fight, but most definitely NOT take crap from others. If this means getting in a fight to defend themself, then so be it.
LillianMcWatters LillianMcWatters 6 years
In Self defense only! I'm sorry but words may hurt but only if one is attacked should one fight! Orchestrating a fight between 2 children is not teaching them an appropriate way to deal with anger or stress or even with bullies.
MoniqueDDunlap MoniqueDDunlap 6 years
I think it's ironic. Schools are touting zero tolerance against violence but children see it everyday on television and hear it in the music. Violent movies outnumber non-violent movies. When I was growing up boys caught fighting were sent to the gym and girls to the principle office, suspension was seldom given and children learned to settle there differences and continue on with school. The lesson learned was sometimes fighting is necessary but using your head has more options and is smarter further down the road of life. I don't know this mother's story or the circumstances of this fight but I think we do our kids a great disservice by telling them they can't fight while exposing them to it on a daily basis and not giving them the tools to handle it when confronted with a fight.
AshleyHarris55842 AshleyHarris55842 6 years
I totally agree with Allie.
NadineVazquez NadineVazquez 6 years
The same way she was able to get the boys on her lawn to fight and others to be spectators. She could have Brought the other parents together and the "bully" to talk things out and come to a solution. Ridiculous!
KathrynHarris KathrynHarris 6 years
Being a woman, I believe my daughter should be taught to fight. Having taken Tae Kwon Do for ten years, I can tell you that women- generally speaking- are at a disadvantage. We are weaker/smaller than men. I want my daughter to be able to defend herself. While taking Tae Kwon Do she will learn to never instigate the fight. If possible, walking or running away is always the better answer. And, she will learn to not use her abilities in a disrepectful way. I love the tenets of the martial art studios near me. If she is in a situation where she needs to defend herself, I want her to be able to. If I or any other adult is in the vicinity and does not stop the fight- that is horrible. It's our responsibility to protect our children, or anyone's child. Ours or not, we don't egg on fights. We stop them. Plain and simple.
AmandaBarse AmandaBarse 6 years
I was raised to fight only when necessary. And would get my butt tore up if I initiated the fight. So I'm instilling the same principle in my son. If someone hits you. Hit them back and stand up for yourself. But as far as orchestrating the fight and filming it instead of breaking it up is ridiculous.
AngieGillis AngieGillis 6 years
I had to take my 9 yr old to have x-ray today because if incident with bully. I told my son that he should never bully or start fights, but he should also not allow someone to beat on him. I have told my son it is ok to fight to defend himself if needed.
EricaAguilarMollo EricaAguilarMollo 6 years
In my eyes violence should never be used....But the way society is nowadays allot of people feel authorities ~ teachers, administrators an the police fail them so they feel the need to take matters into their own hands. ITS SO SAD WHAT THIS WORLD HAS COME TO. From a parents perspective my daughters are only allowed in self defense and as a last resort...if they are being picked on
CarleenCamacho CarleenCamacho 6 years
When I was a little girl, I was bullied for being the only Asian kid in a 95% Hispanic school. I tell my girls to not go starting any trouble and to definitely not bully any child. BUT I do tell them to not allow any form of disrespect from anyone...this includes being bullied. If it were me, I'd definitely be egging on my child as well!
krissyloveday krissyloveday 6 years
i was a victim of bullying big time i stood up one day as one of them wanted a 'muck around fight' thinking he'd be able to hurt me i guess i say okay and hit him far and squre in the nose demeaning his ' mucho masculinity' he cryed in front of his friends it had hurt that bad. the weekend came and come monday it was even worse than before. i recomend that they move school, that is the only way when this happens and obviously the school cant do much at all for the bullys they need serious anger management councleing stepping inot thier shoes when i got older it made me relise from what ever walks of life- rich parents not paying attention, medium- parents demanding they work hard and study harder to get a good entrance to uni, or poor , parents carring more about smokes and alcohol then having food in thier kids bellys. yes of course its not everyone or there would be serious fighting everywhere but it steems from this kind of behaviour from the parents, the kids feel eather degraded , have too many strict polocys put inplace or have nothing to make thier lives feel any better than hitting/tormenting other kids because it make them feel better - usually the later. there needs to be lines put in place in all schools in the world australia just had one case and i truly belive that the kid in this instant who picked up the skinny shorter than him bully(the kid who was 'teased' he was in yr 9 and quite rountound-heavyset) but you could tell this kids was lying by his calm wide eyed face , the other kid was nervy as anything in the interveiw he said he wasnt sorry he hit this big kid, but after the guy who gentally told him that didnt he relise this kid who was bullied buy him felt the same as this kid had when he was tesed in primary school he said 'oh yer ' these kids need help. his father was in the room with him and cant understand it. apparently the big kid had jerred at him in the first instance and when asked this his eyes grew wide and he calmly not nervously said 'no'. i just wish that there was a way like the gov could put in place for the kids to get help while in high school, or a progrm to be initiated into the teaching so everyone does it . boot camp forthe serious offenders seems to work out if they get to do it so mabe that could be a thing there are lots of ways but tough love seems to be the way with open counseling.
AllieColeSchultz AllieColeSchultz 6 years
If talking and telling on the bully fixed things, there would be no more bullies! But since there is I would teach my son to fight back too!
AnastaciaManess AnastaciaManess 6 years
I wonder where the other boy's parents were and what they thought about it. I have my children in karate classes for the sake of self defense and their health but even their karate instructor tells them to run first never use their karate to hurt someone else unless it's an absolute necessity. I imagine that woman's son will be in juvenile detention or jail for fighting. If he doesn't get killed first. :( I hope her getting arrested will help him see that fighting isn't the best answer.
AshleyThomas23985 AshleyThomas23985 6 years
Unfortunately in this society children are victimized and nothing happens. Bullies can brutalize children until they are severely depressed and sometimes comit suicide. In some schools if the bully fights the child even if the other child never hit back, they are both suspended... enforcing for that child that he/she is helpless. There is an answer and that is lawsuits. I'm sorry to say it but this society has made it impoosible for people to handle anything normally. In the 50s children would have the law on their side to simple throw a punch and be done with it. Never is that okay to do now. So I say if my soon to be daughter is ever bullied... may god have mercy on that bully's family because a court of law will see to it that my daughter is vindicated. Of couse this is after I speak to the parents and child myself. If it continues after that ... there are no second chances.
DebbieSchepp DebbieSchepp 6 years
JessicaBerc JessicaBerc 6 years
There is a huge difference between encouraging your child to stand up for himself/ not behave like a whining victim, and shouting "beat him down" ringside on your front lawn after organizing a fight between two children, as this woman has done. She crossed the line, a few miles ago.
KacyKunkelTavenner KacyKunkelTavenner 6 years
OnnaDSmith OnnaDSmith 6 years
He asked the boy to stop hitting him and the young man stood up for himself. Would you allow a bully to pick on your child while your not around? There are things teens go through in school and cannot handle being picked on, Im sure several kids were happy the Bully met his match. I don't agree with fighting, unless the situation is bullying for long periods of time.
MirandaRiddle47255 MirandaRiddle47255 6 years
If there was a self-defense issue, then call the authorities. Let the po-po do the job they're paid to do. I can't wait to see how this is going to play out in court.
ShondaVogel ShondaVogel 6 years
Never under any circumstances should this be okay. Plain and simple.
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