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Would You Give Your Child a Nickname For Their Name

Tossing Tradition: Are Nicknames Appropriate Given Names?

Jack is the new John and Jenny and Penny aren't always short for Jennifer and Penelope anymore. People who prefer names that were once considered "nicknames" have tossed tradition and given their babes the short version. Some moms and pops think it's pointless to put a formal name on a birth certificate and never use it, while other parents like the option. What's your opinion?

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Stephanie-Marie Stephanie-Marie 5 years
My sister-in-law gives her children very formal names, but only calls them by nicknames. Lydia, Amelia, and Rosetta: AKA  Lydie, Mimi, and Rosie. I do like the girl's nicknames and it will be nice to have a formal name to fall back on in the future. I couldn't imagine putting Mimi on a resume!
shannonkay shannonkay 7 years
John and Luke are both proper names on their own. In general I think it's better to give the full name as their name than name them a nickname like Jenny, etc. Over time things change with names though, just like with language. Some nicknames can cross over. I think Jack is one of those that many people don't even know as a nickname. I've always been confused about why Jack was a nickname for John, actually.
Carri Carri 7 years
I like it since I'm not a fan of names that can be shortened. My husband and I considered the name "Luke" (not Lucas) for our son, but we ended up naming him Blake.
lawchick lawchick 7 years
Depends on the name.... I love the name Kate, not short for anything! If we were having a boy, we were going to name him just Sam. On the other hand, Amanda or Elizabeth if you plan to call her Mandy or Liz makes sense to me (for resume purposes as others have pointed out). My name is Ginger and people often ask if it's short for Virginia. Nope, and I don't think it's hindered me :)
sld6001 sld6001 7 years
This is ridiculas. If you want to name your kid something then just name it. My legal name is Samantha but everyone I know calls me Sam, kind of like Tori (above). Just my credit and debit cards say Samantha because Sam is more commonly thought of as a boys name. It is annoying to have to correct everyone everytime you meet someone new. But I like my name both versions because Sam suits me, not as girly, and Samantha because my mum named me from the BeWitched TV show. Name your kid whatever you wish, having a nickname for life is not a bad thing. Options people
Girl-Jen Girl-Jen 7 years
This is not a new thing. My mom's given name is Connie. She was born in 1955 (then again, her sister was named Tracy, which was mainly a boy's name back then...I guess my grandma was into unique names). My daughter's name is Elizabeth. We put the full name on the birth certificate because we liked the full name and wanted her to have the option of all the wonderful nicknames available, though for now, she's a Liz...or a Miss Elizabeth, when I'm proud of her and want to tell her what a big girl she is. :D
grablife365 grablife365 7 years
I don't see the problem with a nickname being a name, or a kid changing their name to a nickname or a nickname to a name. Buddy doesn't even bother me. Who knows what he's going to prefer to be called. Maybe he'll decide he's more of a john or ben or maybe buddy will be a name he prefers to be called. As long as the child is given the right to decide when they're older since they are the ones that have to live with it.
amber512 amber512 7 years
(Don't mind me! With my name being Amber, ALL of my nicknames have been longer than my actual name).
amber512 amber512 7 years
If a person named Katherine can go by Katie, why can't someone named Katie go by Katherine? Is there a rule that nicknames can only be shorter than actual names? Well obviously not an actual rule, but I wonder if it is one of those "unwritten rules."
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