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Would You Leave Your Baby in a "Parked" Stroller?

Would You Leave Your Baby in a "Parked" Stroller?

It's common practice in Europe (the Finnish government even advocates outdoor naps year-round), but in much of the US, parents would shudder at the thought of "parking" their sleeping babes outside of a shop or cafe. Or so we thought . . . in the stroller-friendly neighborhood of Park Slope, Brooklyn, the practice of letting sleeping babies stay put appears to be on the rise. We've spotted several trusting moms asking friendly-looking strangers to keep an eye on their babies while picking up a quick cup of coffee or dropping off dry cleaning first hand.

What do you think? Would you let your lil one rest outside while you ran a quick errand, or is it worth disrupting a nap to ensure that they're safe and sound by your side?

Source: Flickr User BKLYN Guy

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Perfect-Baby Perfect-Baby 5 years
While on a trip thru Scandinavia several years ago, I saw at least 3 instances of little ones in their carriages outside an establishment. In 2 carriages the babies were sleeping and the 3rd had a  gregarious little boy who enjoyed everybody and entertained us immensely. The important thing to note was, although each caretaker was inside, they were having coffee and conversation with another person right near the window, so they could see their babies. Children obviously were adored here and it was heartwarming. In the USA, I would NEVER leave an infant or toddler outside alone or out of eyesight for a second. Common sense would tell you; If you want to go to a place that's isn't baby- or carriage-friendly, pick another time to go when you don't have baby with you. duh .....
lickety-split lickety-split 5 years
no.  in fact, i was out today and saw a beautiful double stroller (empty) parked outside a store, and thought how the person who left THAT was pretty trusting. for sure i wouldn't leave my child.
chicagojlo chicagojlo 5 years
Another of these 'everyone does it in Europe' myths. I'm European, raised one of my kids in two European countries, and have friends in several others with kids. None of us would ever dream of leaving our babies sleeping in their stroller out on the street. Absolutely ridiculous. Now do we let them sleep in their strollers in our private, enclosed gardens? Sure. Always have. But out on the street with strangers? Not a chance.
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