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Would You Let Your Kids Play at Clothing Optional Home?

Would You Let Your Children Play at a Clothing Optional Family's Home?

Modern parenting is all about making kids comfortable in their own skin. And since it's nature's way, 85 percent of LilSugar mamas say that being in the buff is acceptable in their households. Other families prefer a more modest approach. But, when it comes to your kiddo playing at a friend's home is there a double standard? Do you mind if the hosts have a clothing optional approach to life?

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kevinandmyra kevinandmyra 5 years
The poll question contradicts the answers- in the text it begs the question "Do you mind if the hosts have a clothing optional approach to life?", which is correct for the poll answers, but the question directly above the two answers is the reverse, and contradicts the two possible answers. Anyway... Yes, I would certainly allow my children to play at a home that was clothing-optional; to do otherwise would be hypocritical, seeing as my own home is clothing-optional at all times, for both children and adults. Nakedness is not inherently sexual, and my family and many others that I am friends with live our lives, at least at home, without any need or desire to cover up. Clothes do nothing to remove any possible problems, and removing clothes can definately remove problems- especially certain body-issue hang-ups that seem inherent to most teenage girls. Living without the hang-up of feeling the need to be covered up all the time is wonderful, and a marvelous distinction to what I knew growing up. Clothing-optional homes are more friendly, and the families tend to be closer, with much fewer secrets. If you doubt what I say, try it...
Girl101 Girl101 6 years
I think it is OK if I am there or know the family really well, for several years. But there is no way I let my kids go over there without my supervision or having known the family for several years. Nudity is not an issue it is that the children don't have the physical (and possibly mental maturity) ability to make No mean NO to a sexual advance.
amber512 amber512 6 years
I would be creeped out by my child being around a bunch of naked adults and/or encouraged to do the same.
lickety-split lickety-split 6 years
no i don't like the idea of my kids thinking its okay to be naked with lots of other people your body is a private thing
Read2me Read2me 6 years
If my two year was allowed to be naked too she would love it! She is a big fan of letting it all hang in the breeze! :)
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