Would you allow the government to follow you and your unborn child's every move for 21 years in the name of science? The government is hoping that some 100,000 pregnant women will make themselves available as it studies the effects of environmental influences on health and development.

The National Children's Study, which began last January, is actively seeking out women willing to open their lives to researchers from before their child's birth through their 21st birthday. During that period, researchers will "collect and analyze her vaginal fluid, toenail clippings, breast milk and other things, and ask about everything from possible drug use to depression. At the birth, specimen collectors would scoop up her placenta and even her baby’s first feces for scientific posterity."

Throughout the study, researchers will visit participants and continue collecting fluids and data as they seek out regional differences and the role of environmental and chemical factors on health and disease, such as asthma and autism. Far behind their goal of signing up 250 families each year, the study is currently seeking out volunteers in select communities throughout the country.

Would you participate?