Sure it's fun to play doctor, explorer, beautician and fashion designer, but wouldn't it be more exciting to actually have the instruments to do so? Dumpling Dynasty indulges tots with real life tools in beautifully packaged tins ($22).

Kids who fancy themselves the next Christian Siriano or Tory Burch will be overjoyed to have their own sewing kit complete with six spools of thread, assorted needles, pins, measuring tape, seam ripper, buttons, scissors, safety pins and a thimble. For tots who fawn McDreamy, the First Aid kit may be more their appropriate. The Shoe Shine package or the Pigtail Kit is a must for dapper babes who don't like to make a muss of themselves in public.

When the innards are all but used up, you can find another use for the handsomely decorated tin; a snack bin, a crayon keeper or a treasure box for special findings.