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WubbaNubs and Wubbies

Lil Find: WubbaNubs

Pacify your bundle of joy with a WubbaNub. At birth, an infant's sucking reflex is strong and sometimes insatiable. Soothie pacifiers work, but babes have a tough time keeping them in place on their own.

Crafted by a sleep deprived mother, the WubbaNub is a Soothie (latex free silicone) pacifier attached to a plush stuffed animal. The toy helps keep the sucker in place — giving baby satisfaction and mama and papa a break.

To see what else WubbaNub makes,


When your babe's sucking reflex subsides and the pacifier becomes more of a habit than a necessity, introduce the wee one to the Wubbie. The Wubbie is an ultra soft square blanket with a familiar WubbaNub friend sewn atop. Instead of your child wanting to suckle with the plush toy, he will nuzzle it and hopefully lose his yearning for the pacifier all together.

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Greggie Greggie 9 years
I didn't find that it kept it close enough for her to find again at all. If anything, the weight made it harder for it to stay put near her. If it fell out within an inch or so of her mouth, she'd root for it, but it's not like she can reach at all no matter where the binky falls, she's only three months. Once my kids can reach, I never had the issue of falling binkies anyway, they grabbed them as they fell.
babysugar babysugar 9 years
Jopperma, You described it perfectly. My babe used the dog pacifier when she was little. She gave up the pacifier early on and found her thumb so it wasn't a long term toy in our house. But I'm definitely saving it for the next time around.
jopperma jopperma 9 years
My friend's baby uses these and they are really cute. I think they help keep the pacifier in my baby's mouth when they are laying down because the paci doesn't go flying when they lose it. It stays right by their mouth so they can grab it again. I also haven't really noticed any breathing issues because the toy hangs from the bottom of the pacifier, so it blocks the nose just about as much as a regular pacifier.
kikidawn kikidawn 9 years
I agree with Greggie and Schnappycat about the safety issues. I definitely won't use one of these. Way too scary.
schnappycat schnappycat 9 years
Thanks, Greggie. I remember commenting on that about the safety, so I'm glad I am not totally crazy. I do think they are dangerous looking for newborns, but my son is probably old enough now to use this while in my presence. But it really doesn't look like it would help anyhow with his coordination.
Greggie Greggie 9 years
The toy doesn't keep it in place, it actually makes it more difficult for the baby to keep the pacifier in because now it's heavier and pulling at it. Plus it's a plush animal directly under their nose, which traps air. I do not recommend this at all. schnappycat, there was a similar one posted awhile back with a full-size stuffed animal to aid in finding the pacifier when it's dropped. :)
schnappycat schnappycat 9 years
Oh, also it appears that the Soothie pacifier they use is the 0-3 month one, is that correct? Too bad they don't make it with the older pacifier--I might be interested. My 4-month old son still can't hold his paci in very well (I'm starting to wonder if there is something wrong with him, I swear!), but we have moved on to the older Soothies.
schnappycat schnappycat 9 years
I swear this was posted before? I must be losing my mind.
anniekim anniekim 9 years
I don't get how the stuffed toy part keeps the pacifier in place. Is it hoped that the baby will hold the toy?
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