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YMCA Asks Mom to Breastfeed in Bathroom

A Moline, IL, mother says the YMCA in her neighborhood could use a little more education about what the laws are regarding nursing in public. While swimming at the facility with her family, she got out of the pool to nurse, but a male lifeguard told her to breastfeed in the bathroom. Nicole says she has nursed her child at the Two Rivers YMCA before without a problem, but this time, the lifeguard offered to watch Nicole’s other children while she retreated to the restroom to nurse.

To find out what the YMCA manager thinks, read the whole story on the Huffington Post.

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AudraEdenfield AudraEdenfield 4 years
I am a nursing mother and I find this very up setting. Back in the day women was allowed to nurse where they needed to. And as a nursing mother I do just that. All I have ever be asked was to cover myself and the baby for the comfort of others.
HeatherKlein81665 HeatherKlein81665 4 years
I don't think nursing a baby is dirty or disgusting, I nursed my children. I do believe that you should be considerate of others and don't need to display your business for everyone to see. I don't think you should have to feed your child in a restroom but you could cover up so that others don't feel uncomfortable. I say to nursing mothers that want others to be understanding should try being understanding of others. What makes you think your feelings are any more important of others feelings?
Stacey14871270 Stacey14871270 4 years
disgraceful the mother should have asked the life guard if he would eat his lunch in ther bathroom im a trainee breast feeding support worker and breast fed my own daughter if some one said this to me i would kindly tell them where to go we were given breast to feed babies in the first place
LoriJones4640 LoriJones4640 4 years
People need to get a grip n get over themselves including the women who think breastfeeding should be hidden away like it's dirty. There r some babies who refuse bottles n moms have to breastfeed no matter where they r. I'm sure most don't just whip out the titty n go for it they probably have a cover or blanket. If u don't like it don't look. A baby should never be made to go hungry cuz of people's ignorance n outright stupidity n u best believe if someone ever says anything to me that is negative or demeaning while I'm breastfeeding I will have several 4 letter words for them n to get the f out of my face n to mind their own damn business!!!
ZoyaBellman ZoyaBellman 4 years
Unacceptable and ignorant. Hey, buddy, why don't you go and eat your lunch in the bathroom. What? No? But that's fine for the little baby? I've never been a big supporter of "Nurse-ins"--I just didn't think all of that hullabaloo was necessary. Please, feed babies where ever, but why make a "statement?" But stories like this make me want to stage lots of nurse-ins. People should get so used to nursing mothers that no one feels like they're seeing something naughty.
KatieHK KatieHK 4 years
It's sad that in this day and age a mother still can't feed her child the natural way without having people tell her to hide in a filthy toilet. It's just a baby eating, people need to get over it. And, BrandyElkins... perhaps you should be teaching your boys that breastfeeding is how a baby eats and is nothing sexual. I have two boys and have no problem if they see a woman breastfeeding. It's only a breast.
BrandyElkins BrandyElkins 4 years
I am sorry as a mom of 3 boys, the mom in question should have a nice private space to breast feed her child, but it should not be out in view of everyone. I just do not feel it is proper in mixed company to breast feed so openly.
KeriRozansky KeriRozansky 4 years
I went back to work a couple months after my son was born. I pumped for a while - until my milk dried up (I think because of pumping and not being able to nurse, but I don't know for sure). I worked with a bunch of men, who had met and fell in love with my son. They didn't even mind when I had to bring him in for an hour or so when my husband had to work late and I had to leave before he got home (this was after I stopped nursing). But while I WAS nursing, I would discreetly slip out of the room for about 30 minutes to go to the bathroom to pump. I kept my pumping supplies out of view and was pretty quiet about leaving. None of them ever asked where I'd gone or what I was doing I can't say I was shy or anything, but I didn't want to do it in public and regardless of the fact that most of these guys were married with kids of their own, pumping or nursing, in my view, is a private/personal activity that you don't have to broadcast.
LoriPittard LoriPittard 4 years
I know how she feels. At my current job, I was asked to leave the premises to pump. If I'm at work while my baby would otherwise by nursing, then I have to pump. I have my own office, and I was closing my doors and blinds so no one could see. I am a pretty private person and had no intention of doing it publicly, but my boss's wife was uncomfortable with my doing it in the same building where he works. I won't say where I work, but let's just say it's a place that one would expect to be very family-friendly. I had wanted to go to my child's day care to nurse him when it was time to feed, since it's only 5 minutes away, so I offered to do that; but then I was told they didn't want me to leave the premises. So, I can't leave but I can't pump??? It was finally worked out, but things have been uncomfortable for me since.
Hollie69452 Hollie69452 4 years
We as people shouldn't need a law to tell us it's ok to feed our children. This Mom shouldn't have gone through such an experience.
Hollie69452 Hollie69452 4 years
That's horrible! People who make the suggestion to breastfeed in the bathroom should eat their next meal in the bathroom. After all breastfeeding is how babies eat. If it makes people uncomfortable they are the ones with the problem. A baby should not be hungry just because someone is uncomfortable. If they don't like it don't look should apply. People need to get over themselves.....ALL babies need to eat! They don't understand waiting until everyone around is comfortable first.
Nicole14891711 Nicole14891711 4 years
the problem today is that most ppl don't know that the law supports and allows nursing in public; NIP. Not everyone agrees but that's not the point. The point is that without knowledge I can make bad decisions and hurt ppl. Thank you for sharing my story in your blog and helping me get the word out that this is not bad/illegal/indecent/or wrong.
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