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What Kid Gear Have You Passed Up Because of the Price?

The sticker price of parenting is a huge shocker when you're just entering mommydom. On the "Yippity Sippity" episode of Weeds, new big bro Shane ventured into a baby store to buy a replacement stroller and learned the (faux) Yippity line was going to cost him $1,000. He asked what he could get for a $100, and the curt salesman told him a Yippity Sippity cup holder. The story of our lives. Shane made a move most of us can't, leaving the store with the pricey wheels . . . without whipping out his wallet. Unless you want to end up in the mommy pen, stealing isn't acceptable, but leaving the store empty-handed is a reality in a world filled with $2,000 cribs and $50 bibs. What goodies have you walked away from because of price?

MissSushi MissSushi 7 years
I think most of those baby purchases are absolutely ridiculous and totally unneeded. I made my own or bought used with my second pregnancy and spent under well under 200 dollars, though we did reuse our crib. Still, if we had purchased another it would have been of the 300 variety. The crib we bought sells both at target and babies r us - with a 700 difference.
Livvy-P Livvy-P 7 years
Honestly, with #3 on its way, I'm trying not to buy much of anything! Everything is so pricey, it's making me nuts. This little bundle was a bit of a surprise - we had given away everything, including our crib, and are now trying to track things down to get back (since I hadn't planned on having another, I just gave it all away willy-nilly). Thankfully, I also have friends who are willing to give/lend for this baby. Hopefully I will be able to buy as little as possible (sheets, blankets, a changing pad and covers, cloth diapers, clothes, and replacement parts for the beast pump are currently the only things on my must have list) before January '11 arrives. But with #1 and #2, I avoided spending too much on my strollers. I have a single and double Maclaren that I love, and I think that those are perfect. This time I will be borrowing my sisters Joovy so that I can put the car seat in the stroller, and my son can still sit/stand in the back.
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