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You Know You're a Mother When: Lunch Break

You Know You're a Mother When: Lunch Break

Most working moms eat or run errands during their lunch break, I once spent mine in an alley. My husband got called into a last minute meeting with the owner of his company so I took my lunch break to watch the kids in the car as we worked a short distance from one other. Since it was to be a quick conference, we parked outside the downtown building and I kept my son and daughter occupied with snacks and books. But unfortunately, the meeting ran long — close to three hours long— and my husband hadn't taken his phone into the restaurant. To see what happened,


At that point, he could hardly tell his boss that his family was waiting in the alley and I couldn't leave since I had to get back to the office and had no way of getting in touch with him otherwise. While I shuffled through my purse for quarters to feed the ever expiring meter and swapped dollars for change from people passing by, my kids turned our SUV into a jungle gym.

We have managed to juggle two full time jobs and taking care of our kids ourselves for the past four years, but every so often there's an unexpected snag in our schedule. This was the worst of those and the longest lunch of my life.

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