Pressed for time, I rushed home from work to switch my bag for a purse and head out for an interview. But in between the shuffling, my two-year-old, who is potty training, tore off his diaper and dashed in the bathroom. "I did it!" he exclaimed, before I heard the toilet paper roll, the sound of a flush and the rush of faucet water. He ran in the room and jumped up on me, his bare bottom resting on my arm as we did the dance of joy down the hallway. Then, I put him in a fresh diaper and he was off.

Moments later, I glanced toward my forearm and realized that he hadn't peed or perfected wiping. Within two seconds, the sink was filled with soapy bubbles and my arms were submerged. A quick mom fix before I headed out the door. Once you have kids, you don't freak out about bodily fluids — you just figure out the quickest way to clean up the mess.