I was flying and watched in both horror and sympathy, as a toddler got sick all over his mother mid-flight. As the mother heard her son begin to get sick, her knee-jerk reaction was to throw her hands under his chin in an attempt to catch it. Needless to say, this did nothing to contain the situation, but I was in awe of how calm she remained. After she soothed her tot, she quickly reached into her diaper bag for a pack of wipes and began cleaning up her child, the tray table and seat and finally herself. After stripping her son of his dirtied clothes, she wrapped him in her sweater and began distracting him with a game.

When we were deplaning, I stopped her to tell her how impressed I was with her swift and relaxed reaction. She looked at me and smiled, saying that in college, the sight of someone getting sick would have made her ill, but when it is your child, you just deal.

Have your reactions to behavior changed since becoming a mom?