The other morning, I pulled my covers over my head — the silent signal to my husband and kids that I was out of commission. Though it only happened a couple times this year, it was awfully hard to stay in bed — especially when I heard a bag of cereal spilling on the kitchen floor and my daughter announce that she washed her hair with hand soap. But, I was more scared of the possibility of falling ill for longer and since my head felt like cement and I was nauseous and dizzy — there was no other option. As a mom, I don't really have time to be sick — there's always a new stack of papers to be signed, a calendar of outings to take and more clutter to clean up. To see what happened,


Once I had children, it seemed like a cold or flu hit me much harder than it did in my single days. Maybe it's because I'm older and don't have the luxury of sleeping things off like I used to, but I attribute it more to being a human Kleenex. My kids had both fought colds and fevers days before curled up on me and coughing and sneezing inches from my face. And, even when visions of the impending day of congested doom loomed in my head, it was a mother's instinct that pulled my lil ones closer instead of prying them off.