Like I said, life's a musical once you bring home babe, but song writing isn't a pen and paper type activity. It's more like you tire of talking to your newborn without reply so you take up a tune or your tot is having a hissy so you hum to calm them. And, before you know it the makeshift lyrics have been committed to memory.

To see my kids' songs,


My daughter's song, "Love Bug" was concocted in the sleep deprivation and delirium that ensued after we came home from the hospital. Though we've tweaked the lyrics and remixed it from a lullaby to a jazz tune in the past four years, she still connects with it. My son's song, "10,000 Kisses" is a collaboration between my daughter and me. We invented the song and accompanying dance to make him belly laugh. And, now that he's a busy lil bugger, the choreographed motion of swooping him up in the air usually distracts him from whatever dangerous thing he's about to get into.

Does your tot have a tune?