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The Youngest Sex Change Patients

The Youngest Sex Change Patients

Do you know a kid who feels he was born the wrong sex?

Sex change treatments for children as young as eight are getting more support from parents and are on the rise, according to a new study. A recent medical report in the journal Pediatrics revealed that a growing number of children are being diagnosed with "gender identity disorder" and receiving sex-changing treatments.

Emerging research suggests that the brains of kids with this disorder resemble those of the opposite sex more closely than they do the children's anatomical genders.

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What would you do if your son insisted he was a girl or your daughter, a boy?

Image Source: Huffington Post

DominiqueWallace45376 DominiqueWallace45376 5 years
if my son said he was a girl or my daughter said she was a boy I would believe and support them and let them live there life the way they choose to... I want nothing but for my kids to be happy and confident in their body and I will always love them no matter what
krystalbritton63933 krystalbritton63933 5 years
Childen may not know something wrong. But if they feel like their in the wrong body. Thats wat they feel. My daughter is 3 n she plays wit both dolls n cars. She likes dress up as well going fishing camping n hiking n getting dirty by mud but that doesnt mean shes a boy it jus meaning she likes doing the things she does. If in a few yrs she says 2 me mommy I think Im a boy but my bodys a girl. I will explain 2 her that some ppl r born in 2 bodies that doesnt match their brains. N if she really beleives that she is a boy I still will love her because no matter wat she still is my child I had n tgat will never change. But parents may see this n think other parents r trying 2 force this on their child that an 8 yr old cant no that their the wrong sex. I had a friend growing up n he was the best person in the world so caring n happy n loving life but he was born a girl n that the age of 4 he felt like he was in the wrong body A few yrs later at the of 7. He saved his hair n started wearing boys clothes. His mom even changed his name 2 a boys name. When we started 6th some boys found out he was a girl n they called him a freak. The next day he killed himself. I miss him. He was a great person. So my point is that no matter wat I will love my childen n do anything 2 make sure they r not criticized 4 them being who they r.
NatalieBrowne99647 NatalieBrowne99647 5 years
To all of the above comments - From someone who knows someone that has been through this, unless you have been in this situation of being a parent, or a sibling of someone that has gone through this you have no right to comment or judge. Children do know, its just unfortunate that parents don't actually listen to their children and take them seriously. You really have no idea how a child can grow up throughout their childhood feeling completely different and completely alone. I really feel sorry for the parents who have commented that have children, because these are the same parents who would probably just ignore their child if told they were abused. I feel pain for the children that at this young feel so tortured by their own gender identity. My children are able to be what ever they want to be - I'm am their parent not a person who misguides them to what society has dealt them.
CrystalLindsey CrystalLindsey 5 years
Unconditional love, is guidance....not judgment. When your child is thirty and tell you that you are a good parent, then you can know you were and not before. Yes children can know things...many things, but making WISE choices is not always one of them.
LisaVarboncoeur LisaVarboncoeur 5 years
My husband is a non-op transgender, and he clearly remembers knowing he was neither "male" nor "female" at six years old. If a child self-identifies that strongly, I would definitely seek TRANS-FRIENDLY counseling (many locations do not; in fact some schools still teach GID- Gender Identity Disorder- as an aberrant psychological "disease" rather than a personality. Interestingly enough, my husband naturally has higher estrogen levels than testosterone, although he has always had a fully male physique. And many doctors, when faced with a newborn of no easily identifiable sex, will almost always "create" a female- "Easier to make a hole than a pole" the saying goes...
JenDharmasurya JenDharmasurya 5 years
I would love to see these parents who are judging others for trying to help their kids actually deal with this situation. These kids don't just have a whim. They honestly are not males or females based on their genitals! How is this hard to understand in kids, but okay or more understandable in adults? Telling them no, or referring them to God isn't going to fix their dilemma. It's going to make it harder for them to cope with the world around them.
CoMMember13628139591317 CoMMember13628139591317 5 years
OH MY GOSH! REALLY! How can these doctors even begin to think these children have the mental capability to understand what they are doing!!! An 8 year old does not know anything about gender differences unless the idea is being put in their heads!! This is absolutely disgusting to me! These parents and doctors should be held responsible and charged with child abuse in some form! Ridiculous!!!!
JackieLang95869 JackieLang95869 5 years
I would tell them just like I do when they want to do something else they can't- too bad. Just like they can't choose their sex, neither can I, only God does. And if they have a problem with that- talk to him about it.
CrystalLindsey CrystalLindsey 5 years
Children that age cannot know their own mind and it is ridiculous to suppose they do! As a retired Registered Nurse and mother of four grown children, I would talk to them about it. There is much confusion about many life events for children today. A parent needs to be just that, the person who wisely guides a child to adulthood. A child is not accountable of full understanding until the age of eleven. Even so, if you look back on your own teen years, how many things did you do that you regretted late? A sex change is not something that can easily be reversed, either physically or emotionally. I say to parents who support this, GROW UP yourself, and be accountable! this is a life you are meddling with. As for the diagnosis...coming from a medical background myself, I know the screw ups there... Doctors are not Gods, they are people with points of view who also make mistakes. I would never have allowed a young child of mine to be a guinea pig for some fad... They may later hate you for the rest of their lives... so wait.
CrystalFarrell81985 CrystalFarrell81985 5 years
I wouldn't have a big deal, but I think I am more open to it. Some kids aren't born in the right bodies. Whatever you want to call it, it is what it is, and you can deny the truth and force your kid to live in an uncomfortable life and body until they are old enough to do it themselves or you can embrace them and help them.
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