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As parents, we want to feed our children the healthiest choices available and specialty stores like Whole Foods have made it all the easier. Even mainstream supermarkets are offering more organic and natural options. But, sometimes time, money and temper tantrums make it hard to get kids to eat what's best for them.

Do your kids have a healthy diet or do they munch on happy meals?


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Dana18 Dana18 9 years
I have been feeding my twins natural and oragnic food since they where born. They are three now and have always drank organic soy milk. They don't like veggie much, but I give them green juice and they love it.
LiLRuck44 LiLRuck44 9 years
Don't get me wrong, we have plenty of sweets around, but it's in the form of delicious Pumpkin Spice cake made with fresh, local organic eggs and flour. My oldest (9) won't even touch anything with High Fructose Corn Syrup in it. She knows what it does to your body, just like she doesn't drink Soda either. Whoever said there is a long way from happy meals to organic was right. In my opinion, organic is worth the price, but for people on a strict budget, it is definitely better to be buying healthy produce that isn't organic than boxed foods.
JennyJen2 JennyJen2 9 years
Moderation is key. We don't offer happy meals daily, but as a treat ( more to me to have a night free from cooking) we do it every now and then.
niklectric niklectric 9 years
My 14 month old is a picky eater. The best I can do is continue to offer him fresh, healthy, (mostly) organic foods. If he eats them or not, is up to him. It's hard to not worry about it! I know he doesn't.
rgrl rgrl 9 years
I see a few people here think pizza is junk food... I don't think so, if made with good ingredients it's a good meal. ;) Cheese, tomato sauce and bread and maybe meat/veggie toppings makes for a good meal in my eyes. But I'm not talking Domino's or eating it every day either.
rgrl rgrl 9 years
My 17 month old is a very picky eater :( I offer him healthy choices, but I don't think he gets enough variety in his diet. He does eat PB, polenta, cream of wheat, cooked apple, soft kiwi, chicken meat, scrambled eggs, sweet potato. Other things are hit or miss. Sorry for listing his "menu" here. :P
sweetnshy5282 sweetnshy5282 9 years
I think people these days make too big a deal out of organic and nonprocessed foods. let kids be kids. teach them what is good for them and why. one day they'll need to make thier own choices and there may be soda, chips, and candy around. if they were prohibited those things they may choose to eat more of them when they are older. if they are allowed them, but are taught what is healhty and what is not and the reasons why, they may make a healthier choice. I truly beleive in everything in moderation. there is a time and a place for the junk as well as the healthy.
cloud79 cloud79 9 years
i always try to give my kid a healthy meal first, but it depends on her mood...if the healthy menu doesn't interest her, i'd better give her happy meals than nothing at all
HipMom HipMom 9 years
It's not about weight. It's about health. A healthy weight is only one component of health, a thing that is often forgotten nowadays. Granted, being obsessive about food isn't healthy, but I think having high standards is important. We eat organic foods, drink water exclusively, don't keep soft drinks or junk food at home. My husband occasionally needs a salty snack so we have a wide range of organic nuts in the pantry and sometimes chips without trans fats, or organic corn chips. Sometimes we order pizza or eat out and then we might order a soft drink, but it's not a regular thing. I like my daughter to keep her taste buds clear from things that are too sweet or processed.
ccsugar ccsugar 9 years
I think it's very important to not ban anything. I do not have kids, but growing up nothing was off limits for my sister or I. We always kept Coke and Sprite in the house, and chips and sweet stuff was always around. Now both of us are grown up and at healthy weights! One of my best friend's moms was very restrictive on her with food, and guess what... she's overweight now!
sweetnshy5282 sweetnshy5282 9 years
I agree that there is a huge difference between eating only organic foods and eating fast food every day. in my house, we do not eat organic. i know it's the newest trend, but I've really never thought much about it. plus we live on a very tight budget. but my children eat 3 meals a day w/ 2 snacks in between. they eat 5 fruits or veggies everyday, drink milk and water, have protein, dairy, grains (although not as many as they should...I hate whole grain and we don't have much of it in the house) and occasional treats (very occasional). my son is very picky, but both my kids eat balanced meals. I do keep processed food in my house, and sometimes my kids have some. no big deal. they do not drink soda and they don't eat candy. they are healthy and happy and they the occasional happy meal, too!
cbgmick cbgmick 9 years
My son isn't a big eater, but he chooses well from what is presented to him at mealtime (although he would love candy to accompany any meal and would drink more juice than I would like if I allowed it!!) With the exception of a good pizza (hey, a girl from Chicago cannot live w/o it), we avoid fast food as a rule and since neither my husband or I like soda pop, my son doesn't like it either so it's a non-issue and isn't in the house. He'll be big into one or two foods (tomatoes and broccoli, for example right now) for a few days and then switch to something else that must be part of every meal. I try to seek balance over the course of the week, rather than the meal or even the day so that it all evens out. I agree w/ others who noted that moderation is their rule of thumb and try not to make too big a deal about food. Present good choices, model the behaviour you want him/her to have and do the best you can!!
annahlee annahlee 9 years
I think there's a huge gap between organic and happy meals. People can feed their children healthy foods that are not organic. Healthy is not always organic. Buying foods in a regular grocery store that aren't organic shouldn't be considered "bad foods." Call me whatever you will, but paying five dollars for a head of lettuce because it's organic seems stupid to me. If you wash the regular foods with hot water and soap, they do get clean. Shame on you for looking down on parents who can't afford organic.
RobinFabulous RobinFabulous 9 years
When my oldest was in kindergarten there was a child that would only eat rice and drink water. 4 years later that child has a weight problem. I'm not a nazi either, but I try to make good choices. And I've noticed they do, too.
jennifer76 jennifer76 9 years
Yah..make that high fructose corn syrup*
jennifer76 jennifer76 9 years
I too believe in moderation in everything. We don't eat high fructose corn sugar at our house, we buy mostly organic fruits and veggies, and always organic milk and eggs and antibiotic/hormone free meats. Both of my kids went through stages where they loved vegetables and currently neither of them will touch them if they recognize them. I do let them have happy meals now and then or pizza (although, it's usually Amy's organic soy cheeze pizza) and my daughter eats chicken nuggets far more than I could stand them. But, they're either Morningstar veggie chicken nuggets or homemade ones I make myself. I'm not a fan of prohibitions or of forcing kids to eat. I'm teaching them healthy habits and in the long run, those will serve them well. My niece isn't allowed to eat any candy or junk food, and I saw her mom eating M&M's once, and she dropped the bag and M&M's went scattering across the floor and my niece was on her hands and knees shoveling them into her mouth as fast as she could. :O My kids weren't interested. They were on the floor! Yuck! :P
faerymagick15 faerymagick15 9 years
I have always tried to feed them healthy foods, but you gotta give in now and then and let 'em have McDonalds. At home we eat well balanced meals, organic fruits and veggies, organic milk, and mostly wholesome snacks. But I am not a nazi when it comes to food. They are both healthy and happy, not overweight, not underweight so we must be doing something right. Moderation is the key.
LiLRuck44 LiLRuck44 9 years
Processed foods and artificial colors don't even come through the front door. We're a veggie happy family =)
Fancy04 Fancy04 9 years
Yes she is.
meumitsuki meumitsuki 9 years
Sometimes I wish my son would eat chicken nuggets just to get some meat and fat into him. He wants to live on cheese, blueberries, yogurt and peanut butter. i wish I had his willpower :)
RobinFabulous RobinFabulous 9 years
I try to be good and give them healthy meals and snacks, but sometimes I let them have junk. I have to be really careful with my middle child, he's food sensative and too much sugar/coloring/preservatives make him bounce off the walls. My oldest is going through a picky phase, but the younger two eat any veggies and pretty much anything I give them
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