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Your Nutrition Spot Obesity PSA

The PSA That Will Make You Think Twice About What You Feed Your Kids

As parenting writers, we're the first to admit that we don't follow every rule in the book (or even on our site), especially when it comes to what we feed our kids. But after watching the PSA above, we may change our ways. Created by Your Nutrition Spot, a nutrition and fitness website, the ad gives an honest look at how adopting unhealthy habits at a young age can lead to obesity. In the ad, an obese adult has flashbacks during a heart attack. We see him receiving candy for a job well done, playing video games, and being force fed fries because "it's the only thing that will make him stop [crying]." Take a look and see if the video will scare you into healthier choices.

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HeatherByrne71445 HeatherByrne71445 2 years

Well, I used an outdoor plant pot and grew an enormous tomato tree. that is thriving so well, that it is giving me one ripe tomato a day and I have about 30 tomatoes still to go... it has taken me all the way through the summer! Amazed... don't need a garden.. need a pot and some soil... cost 15 bucks to start... and fresh food daily..

DawnZiviello DawnZiviello 3 years

I agree with Shawn. While it's a poignant video, I think it's unhelpful to demonize the mother. So many other factors can contribute to a child starting out on an unhealthy path. The end, however, is always tragic. Let's help each other. Wise women and men be mentors to young parents--step in and offer a break to a tired mom or dad. Offer to cook meals, teach, share the bounty from your own garden and strategies for establishing healthy eating from birth. Stop being anti-breast feeding or critical of those who bottle feed. More kindness, more help, less criticism and blame. It's the only way. Oh, and accessible healthy food.

Nixifer Nixifer 3 years

It doesn't help the government only subsidizes not-that-great/unhealthy sources of calories: corn, wheat, soy, rice, milk, beef, sun flower oil*, etc. Don't get me wrong, I love some southern sides, but these foods (and the many byproducts they become after processing) should be indulgences. If they did away with these subsidies and people started paying the REAL price for these foods, Americans would probably start buying healthier options.

DonnaMcGill1396589755 DonnaMcGill1396589755 3 years

Organic milk is more about the lack of hormones which can be real bad for preteen girls...and it's local cows so we know the people. We do have a garden and trade stuff with other people

DonnaMcGill1396589755 DonnaMcGill1396589755 3 years

The 80/20 does well for our family. In food it means 80% veggies and fruit, 20% meat/treats or as we call it sometimes foods. Nothing is of limits just occasional. Lots of water...some milk(organic) which is expensive.
In activity during the day 80% active(running, walking, swimming, dancing, playing outside ect...) 20% down time books, drawing, homework, with some treats thrown in tv or video games.
It HAS to be the family! NOT just kids.

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