My calendar says I've only got 15 days until I will be holding a newborn in my arms. Am I physically ready? Check. Mentally? Not so much. My bags are packed and I'm ready to go, but God willing, I've got a couple of weeks left with this bun in the oven. My master plan is to get my house in order, spend some quality time with my two-year-old daughter and relax whenever I can. Because we all know that having a newborn will drain the energy right out of you, especially when those first couple of weeks of infant adrenaline run out.

I will miss writing for you and reading your comments, but look forward to coming back with a larger stockpile of stories to share with you in a few short months. In the meantime, when something exciting or dreadful happens, you can bet that I'll find the time between diaper changes and midnight nursing to jump on lilsugar and share my experiences with you. Have no fear, I will keep the laptop out of the delivery room!

Best wishes to all of you expecting moms out there!