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iPhone Baby Webcam App

Wee Watch: Monitor Your Lil One With Daycare Webcams?

Doggie daycare webcams may be fairly common, but how about a childcare that will let you watch your fur-free baby? A company has debuted a webcam monitoring system designed to help "reduce separation anxiety" for a parent. Live streaming video from webcams placed throughout a participating daycare can be accessed via your iPhone, Droid, or computer so you can monitor your tot's sleeping, playing, and screaming whenever you want. Would you be interested in this service?

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Budderflie Budderflie 6 years
I have my own in home daycare and have one set up myself. I can watch kids on my net book or my iPhone and helps if Im upstairs during nap time and need to be two places at once. Cameras are good ideas.
Girl-Jen Girl-Jen 6 years
I am infinitely grateful to have a daycare center that I trust; in fact, staying close to daycare was the #1 criterium in my decision on where to move. I know that she is safe, I know that she is happy, I know that she is learning. That being said, I'd love to know what she's up to! :D It's so fun to watch her from the front room before her or the other kids notice that I'm there ("Hey Liz, your mommy is here! Hi Liz's mommy! LIZ YOUR MOMMY IS HERE!"). Besides, I'm curious about whether her claims that "Katie is mean" as a reason to avoid daycare are due to the fact that Katie is actually mean, or because she doesn't want to stop playing/watching TV/drawing/etc. to get in the car and go to daycare. The complaints only happen in the morning, and I've seen her and this Katie peacefully coexisting at night when I go to pick her up.
MissSushi MissSushi 6 years
The daycare my sister used to use had cameras up all over, which was helpful for one mother who had to leave work early because her 3 month old had a big blanket over its face and was totally alone in a room.
amandachalynn amandachalynn 6 years
I would be curious to see how much different he is without me around! Is he outgoing? A leader? A bully? Or is he the shy kid who doesn't really talk? I don't think I would be on it all the time, and it wouldn't be to check up on the sitter. I only leave him with people I trust to begin with, but if I didn't have so much family and very close friends around I might have been forced to choose someone at random. I think this is really great for people in that situation!
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