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Little Kids
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iRobot Roomba Vacuum Cleaner Giveaway!

iRobot Roomba Vacuum Cleaner Giveaway!

With Easter around the corner, the kids are most likely busy making arts and crafts projects around the house. And that means more mess for you to clean up... How nice would it be if your house was getting cleaned while you enjoyed a cup of tea lounging on the sofa? Well, stop dreaming!

Circle of Moms, in partnership with StumbleUpon, is giving away one iRobot Roomba 530 Vacuum Cleaning Robot (pictured to the left).

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Good luck!

You must be a Circle of Moms member and StumbleUpon user to enter. The contest runs from April 21 until 11.59pm (PST) on April 22, 2011. Terms and Conditions apply.

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CyndiCavanaughAnderson CyndiCavanaughAnderson 6 years
Online and young kids article, and Health Foods for kids.
CoMMember1362556445932 CoMMember1362556445932 6 years
I enjoyed the article "80% of Children Under 5 Who Use the Internet Are Regular Users." It failed to offer, however, what the broader implications are for these child "addicts." Also, are parents more likely to use the internet for their children as a babysitter, or are they teaching them to use it as a tool to find age-appropriate information in order to further their education and inquisitiveness outside of the future classroom?
AnnMarieBelders AnnMarieBelders 6 years
I like the Dr. Oz article on using emotions for smart parenting.
CoMMember13627136295892 CoMMember13627136295892 6 years
I liked the Kids in the Kitchen article best. My mum cooked with me from before I can remember and as a result I am a good cook and aware of how to cook tasty healthy food, plus it was a great way to bond and beat the whole 'mum, i'm bored' thing- especially when I was old enough to bake by myself.
ChristyTagmyer ChristyTagmyer 6 years
I like the Creative Mom's list. I am always looking for new things to do with my daughter.
KristineKleeber KristineKleeber 6 years
I liked the natural house one
hollyQuansah hollyQuansah 6 years
80% of Children Under 5 Use the Internet - wow!
KathyLogsdon KathyLogsdon 6 years
I like "What tree did you fall from?" I like to read/follow astrology to see how accurate (or unaccurate) the information is about me. This one was pretty accurate.
melissacox61381 melissacox61381 6 years
Top 25 Creative Moms: I love being creative and opening the minds of young ones... there is no wrong in what they are inspired to create with their lil minds... WOOT
hollyQuansah hollyQuansah 6 years
80% of kids under 5 are on the Internet?! Wow.
AshleyWise AshleyWise 6 years
Top 25 Creative Moms :)
CoMMember1362704147914 CoMMember1362704147914 6 years
My favorite was the "Top 25 Creative Moms". Sometimes we need to slow down from the daily rush to do some cool stuff with the kids. Great ideas!
TracyBivins TracyBivins 6 years
The "Would You Encourage Your Child To Fight" is my favorite article as it's such a controversial issue and people have such strong emotions about the subject!
CoMMember13627161404253 CoMMember13627161404253 6 years
Dr. Oz on Using Emotions for Smarter Parenting I liked this article. I found that after reading it, I was more aware of how I might be coming accross to my 1 yr old. I also found that she responded better to me when I was more aware of myself. Thanks for all the great articles .. it was hard to decide which one I liked best :) Thanks Amanda
CoMMember13625418392294 CoMMember13625418392294 6 years
I like the eating healthy foods article!
KimberlyKasza KimberlyKasza 6 years
I like the top 25 creative moms. As the mom of a toddler, we try to do as much as we can throughout the day to help encourage creativity and exploration.
CoMMember13614858537214 CoMMember13614858537214 6 years
Definitely the "80% of Children Under 5 Use the Internet". Very astonishing to hear that children that young get online.
JenniferHershey13963 JenniferHershey13963 6 years
I like the article on kids in the kitchen
CoMMember13625562109747 CoMMember13625562109747 6 years
Getting kids to listen without repeating yourself was very helpful to me
JodiLutzo JodiLutzo 6 years
6 tricks for getting kids to eat healthy foods :)
CoMMember1361606547075 CoMMember1361606547075 6 years
I happen to like the Allergies article. It really helps to know some of those little tidbits before even having kids that I would never guessed would be a problem. Plus I always knew eggs were upto no good lol
MaryAndreaMaldonado MaryAndreaMaldonado 6 years
I love the internet and kids article. My son its 3 and well aware of what the internet is and how to use it. Its useful and with the way education is going its better to have your kids prepared before school.
JennParrish JennParrish 6 years
I like the "Dr. Oz on Using Emotions for Smarter Parenting" My son does not listen unless I get down to his level and make eye contact :)
KarenMejeur KarenMejeur 6 years
I really liked the article under Top 25 Creative Moms called Irresistible Ideas for Play Based Learning and their motto, "No play, no learning - Know play, Know learning."
CoMMember13631162902205 CoMMember13631162902205 6 years
Kids in the kitchen. My daughter wants to be a little chef!
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