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phil & teds Vibe

Strollin': phil & teds Vibe

I won't say that I saved the best for last, but the phil & teds Vibe is pretty darn sweet. Lightweight aluminum frame strollers have been dominating the market in recent years. New to the party is the fabulously sleek and functional Vibe. Much like the other phil & teds predecessors, the Vibe offers the dual-ride capabilities. But the Vibe has got a whole different, well vibe.

The sleek $700 pushchair is comfortably padded with cushy seats in a tandem position. The second seat attachment costs another $110. Each chair can recline for on-the-go napping or relaxing — whatever floats your wee ones' boat. And by wee, I mean newborns through four-year-olds. Older tots take the top seat with a maximum capacity of 55 pounds while smaller babes sit underneath. The bottom seat can handle up to 33 pounds making the entire load capacity 88 pounds.

To see a video and learn what else there is to know about the Vibe,


Having talked to some mamas who have tested out the ride of the Vibe, the biggest complaint is the break. Instead of having it down by the feet, parents can stop the pushchair with a simple push of a button on the height adjustable handlebar. It seemed pretty ideal when I tested it but others find it irritating as they accidentally push the button jolting them to an unexpected stop.

Like the phil & teds Dash, the Vibe also has the updated plastic foot board. The plastic resting spot keeps tots from wearing and tearing a fabric type patch that could endanger their lil feet.

During my demonstration at Right Start, Kristi showed me how quick and painless the stroller is to fold. Bonus points were rewarded as you can fold it with the second seat attached into a compact package — sun canopies and all. Adding more credence to the Vibe, it is a clear winner in the weight category as it weighs only 22 pounds. That's even lighter than the Maclaren Twin Techno XT! But, it's more than twice the price — do you think it's twice as nice? Tell me what you think about the phil & teds Vibe.

We will be finishing off our mini season of original stroller
with a special giveaway in October. Stay tuned for more details.

Join The Conversation
Madeline-Masen Madeline-Masen 7 years
i bought this stroller because i am pregnant with baby number two i live the stroller so far but i haven't used the double kit(baby seat under the toddler seat)
wonderwoman80 wonderwoman80 8 years
Plus an additional $110 for the 2nd seat?!
HipMom HipMom 8 years
I love it! But OMG, 700 dollars??
meumitsuki meumitsuki 8 years
I have the older version and love it love it, but the fact that you can fold with the second seat attached is a great improvement. Anyone who has two that go in strollers should go for the model. The side by side versions are beasts to use.
Courtney82 Courtney82 8 years
i have the sport and love love love it. I sure want this one really bad though. Not sure I can convince the hubs to let me buy another one and sell the old but it seems so worth it.
Moms Moms 8 years
I have the phil and ted E3 and can't say enough good things about, but this model looks even MORE amazing!
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