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CoMMember13613660115019 CoMMember13613660115019 3 years
I do think car seats are very important and the law is justified, but I also know that many of our parents and grandparents didn't use car seats or seat belts. My point is that there is no substitute for common "mom" sense when dealing with a baby. I had my son's car seat in incorrectly for about a week, BUT that seat was NOT moving and neither was he. I also had/still have him positioned where I can see him and the "mom" in me looks back at him constantly. Also, when he was an infant, I had no problem what so ever stopping my car to get out and see what was wrong with him if he was too quiet or too loud (when the seat was backwards). So, while I do think it's important to have them in correctly, I also think it's important to constantly check on them and to drive safely. I don't care if they had the kid sitting on a crown shaped pillow without a car seat, there is no way anything bad was going to happen to the royal baby on the ride home.
LeslieDuffy LeslieDuffy 3 years
Of course anybody that would have done that in America would have had CPS all over them but then the prince probably had all the roads completely clear traffic as he was taking the little prince home.
RoseGutshall RoseGutshall 3 years
If the author is going to take the time to point out flaws then also make an effort to give the correct information in the article. I understand that every carseat is different but there are guidelines that do apply to all. Don't give me half an article! Tell me what's wrong with each photo and how to correct it or how it should look when right.
KirstenBreeden KirstenBreeden 3 years
Not about installation or use but still scary!.....I went to a first aid course and was told not to let toddlers/older kids eat in the car seat as you cant see them for choking hazards. Theparamedic told a story how she was handing bits of cut up apple to her daughter in the back seat and turned around to see her tuning blue, scary!
MargaritaRuiz MargaritaRuiz 3 years
For a while my daughter has complained that the chest clip was hurts her nipples, so we always spend extra time finding the happy medium for it height-wise. It always seems a little low to me, but it would be down to her stomach if I let her, so we adjust. The joy of preschoolers!
lizt57538 lizt57538 3 years
Awww poor dude, lol "honest daddy mistake"
AshleighCross AshleighCross 3 years
I noticed the baby wasn't buckled right the first time they showed it on the news. If that had been an American we would have had cps all over us!
JenniSaarinen JenniSaarinen 4 years
To make it easier you could use Wallaboo baby blanket.
KimZornow KimZornow 4 years
@ Leanndra- Take the baby out of the swaddle, position him/her in the car seat, buckle and adjust the straps, then tuck a blanket around baby from the front. Parents need to READ the instruction book, keep it, and refer to it often. Take advantage of car seat checks in your neighborhood. Parents spend a lot of time and $ on car seats, but most are used improperly. Your child is worth the time an $ to be safe in the car.
Leanndra Leanndra 4 years
Umm, how do you swaddle an infant AFTER you buckle him in the carseat? That seems a little impossible!
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