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TealRose TealRose 3 years

It would have been better - if the photo of the 'scar' above - was actually a more usual one that is MUCH further down just above the pubic bone - and the photo actually showed this 'bumb' you are talking about. !!

Also - re the 'shaking' - MOST women whether having had a vaginal delivery or a c-section get the shakes - due to not just the anaesthesia etc but to the withdrawal of the hormones of being pregnant !

Seriously - do women really not talk about any of these things these days ??? The do and have in my circles !

MonicaGarcia1374332881 MonicaGarcia1374332881 3 years

If you are planning on having a C section, get a wax first. It will help alleviate any ingrown hairs!!

ChristieOlson1381431843 ChristieOlson1381431843 3 years

Very helpful tips to be aware of even if you don't "plan" a C-Section.

Tara15502176 Tara15502176 3 years
I have had three C sections and my second one was the worst. During the epidural with my second C section the epidural needle poked a small hole in my spine. After the Csection I had a horrible headache. After three days I went home, my head still hurting. While at home trying to recover and be with my baby, my headache got so bad I threw up. I had to be taken to the ER where they pumped blood from my arm into my back to create a blood patch. I ended up going back to the ER two more times for blood patches. Needless to say when I had my third csection I was scared witless to get an epidural.
ElizabethVega1371100158 ElizabethVega1371100158 3 years
I had my first baby Nov 30 2012 a micro premature boy by a emergency c ssection. Because I had Preclampsia and he was breech & his head was stuck in my ribs. I was terrified. I'm also very phobic of needles. And when I was born had a slight form of spine bifida. It wasn't bad as I ever imagined. They used glue on me. My son weighed 1lb 2oz &13 5/8 inches. He came out breatheing on his own & not one thing wrong with him. He just needed to be 5 lbs to go home.
MeganMcFall MeganMcFall 3 years
I had my first section with my 6th child 7 weeks ago I was surprised how good I felt afterwards and my bleeding was minimal way better than my 5 vaginal births!
Angelique15500256 Angelique15500256 3 years
I had a c-section with my last child. It wasn't planned but I guess she wanted to make an entrance. The only thing I would warn other moms is that after I had mine two weeks to the day I had a post pardom stoke caused by the section. So be careful and know the signs of a stroke so if it happend to you, you don't freak out more.
Lisa15500160 Lisa15500160 3 years
I had sections with both of my children and would not have wanted it any other way!! I didnt have a choice with my first as she was breach and they struggled to get her out via a section so Lord only knows what would have happened if we had tried the natural way. I elected to have another section with my second child (begged even!) and I can honestly say that planned operations are not as scary as emergency ones. I was well prepared knew exactly when my baby would be born, (15 minutes and I had them in my arms) everything went swimmingly both times and I did notice that when all the other babies screamed all night, I was snuggled up with my two who were both contented babies and none of the colic etc that most babies seem to suffer from. Recovery was quick and It was no where near as traumatic as I think natural birth would have been. I pride myself on being extremely brave and still tell people if I can have a section and be awake - I can do anything. I do not have the problems a lot of women have with bladder weakness and other birth associated issues and my scar is hardly noticable. I still have nightmares that I am pregnant again and the surgeon refuses to give me another section! I suppose I was lucky - twice!
Lydia15500052 Lydia15500052 3 years
I had an emergency c section because I didn't feel any birth pains and the baby's heart beats went down. I always wanted a c section. But people told me that I'd have lots of pain for many months afterwards and wouldn't be able to attend to my baby. Yeah right! After only 4 or 5 days of swallowing pain killers I had no more pain at all! I had lots of bleeding, that numb bump for a long time, no bowl movement for about 3 days. They gave me something bitter to drink so I could finally go poop. I was shaking BEFORE the operation! But not because I was scared of the operation but because I knew that my life would never be the same after I had my baby! But I got used to it pretty quickly! I don't want another baby but I'd always go for a c section instead of a normal birth!!!
KatieBona KatieBona 3 years
Every c section is different. My first 2 had painful recoveries. My last 2 I had little to no pain. I did vomit from anesthesia with 2 of them until I learned to request anti nausea with the spinal... a world of difference. Vomiting is painful as you haven't eaten for hours and its mostly the dry heaves. And you can't hold baby until your pukes are under control, obviously. Lol. I shook with my first one like I had hypothermia... that was painful but only lasted a few hours. Also the spinal headache... nobody told me about. I thought it was related to hours of unproductive pushing prior to emergency C. A nurse finally told me (3 days later) to lay flat for a few hours and it went away. And my last "side effect" is continued numbness. With each c section, my stomach remained numd and grew higher each time. I have only prtial feeling most of the way to my belly button... I can feel it if it itches, but can't feel my fingernails scratching it!!! Lol... By and large though, they were great experiences with no regrets ♥♥♥
KarryS KarryS 3 years
I would tell an expectant mom that if you have to have an unscheduled C-section you will already be exhausted. Don't be scared, your doctor has done this a thousand times. Ask for stitches, refuse staples. The scariest moment for me was when they strapped my arms down on the operating table. You feel vulnerable and very exposed, it's over pretty quickly. You don't get to hold your baby right away because they have to stitch you up and your arms are still strapped down. Don't try to do too much too soon after your C-section, it will only take you longer to heal.
TinikoKhanjaliashvili TinikoKhanjaliashvili 3 years
I had a wonderful experience with C-section, experienced almost none of these "surprises" other than that slight bump above my C-section scar. I loved this experience and would definitely go for it again if needed.
SabrinaCramer SabrinaCramer 3 years
This makes it sound WAY worse than it actually is. I had an emergency c-section with my daughter because we thought her chord was wrapped around her neck. First of all I didn't feel the catheter because I'd already had an epidural, secondly I was NOT given pitocin after delivery to contract the uterus..the first bowel movement was NOT that bad, the worst part was waiting to pass gas or have a bm so that I could eat something I was starving...walking wasn't that bad either, but I have a high pain tolerance so that might help, sex was NOT painful afterword, yes there is bleeding (alot of it) but remember you haven't had a period for 9 months, oh and I NEVER had the shakes after word...if you take proper care of your incision when you go home you won't get an infection....Oh yeah and the catheter comes out as soon as you can feel your legs and stand up and walk...
Shannon15499616 Shannon15499616 3 years
I had a emergency c-section with my twins. I found it to be a great experience. I felt little to no pain. I was up and walking 2 hours after surgery. The one thing they didn't let me know is you can get trapped air and it will travel to your shoulder. That's was the most painful thing I've ever felt in my life. I had little to no bleeding for about 2 days. It was more spotting. I have heard some horror stories about c-sections but not all are horror stories. Both of my girls are healthy and happy. As for the scar I have to say it's barely there. I wanted to share because so many women are terrified and yes not every c-section is as easy and pain free but I'm sure that there are more moms like me out there. It's a major surgery of coarse and shouldn't be taken lightly.
Krystal15499606 Krystal15499606 3 years
I have had 3 c-sections, first one I knew I was going to have to have due to the nature of the pregnancy and the defect, what I didn't expect out of this was the infection afterwards. I had endomitritis. Which was scary for me. The second one I choose to have because I had lost my first child and did not like the odds of something going wrong with a VBAC. I couldn't bear to lose another child. That one went good. Third one was good except for I had gained alot of weight and my c-section flap had covered the incision so the incision had got a real bad odor and I had to go get it checked and thought the doc said it was normal it still scared me. I have also found that I had never had to have the catheter in for more then an hour or two after I could feel my legs again so I could get up and walk. Alls I have to say is that like with any surgery if something doesn't feel right get it checked. It doesn't hurt to have it checked, but if it goes unchecked it could cause alot of problems.
JasonLindsey15499599 JasonLindsey15499599 3 years
I have had 3, and the second was the worst by far!! I got an infection from the hospital and it was scary and painful! Its been almost 8 years since my first one and 3 years since my last and its still numb and can be very uncomfortable at times!! Glad I am fixed lol Dont wish C-sections on anyone!!
Girl-Jen Girl-Jen 7 years
Another crash c-section mom here. I have to add one thing that they forgot: Mild, out-of-nowhere, completely random pain at the incision site. I still get this, and my daughter is almost three years old.
Prettybird413 Prettybird413 8 years
I had an emergency C-section too. I never ever ever considered that I might need one...I just thought "this information isn't relevant to me". So needless to say I was terrified of the OR when my dr said that I needed to have a C-section. My point is: ladies, educate yourself just in case! You never know what way your baby will choose to make his/her debut. And even though this all sounds scary, it really isn't that bad. Take the word of someone that has self-proclaimed zero pain tolerance. Our bodies are so much stronger than we give them credit for.
LuvLeoDiCaprio LuvLeoDiCaprio 8 years
Either way sounds pretty uncomfortable to me.
psterling psterling 8 years
Gross, gross, gross! I'm so terrified of c-sections after my co-worker told me about hers.
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