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UmiFujii UmiFujii 3 years

America is way too obsessed with a woman using her breast as nature intended. Chill out. The breast is not a sex organ, it is a gland for feeding human babies. If you see it as sexual then logic is you would see a bottle as a kind of dildo (an artificial sex organ).

UmiFujii UmiFujii 3 years

There is NO comparison between breastfeeding a baby a NON SEXUAL ACT and masturbating, a sexual act. If someone pulls out a bottle, then someone else should be able to pull out a full breast, both are used to feed a baby. Nature provided one, the other is artificial. Both are a woman's choice to use. You obviously do NOT respect breastfeeding if you are comparing it to a sexual act.

Michelle15499717 Michelle15499717 3 years

I breast fed plenty of places in public, but I was discreet. I spent the money for appropriate nursing bras and nursing tops that would keep me as covered as possible and the only people who ever noticed what I was actually doing were typically other Moms who had breastfed themselves. I never once had anyone give me a lick of trouble. However, I wasn't an exhibitionist about it either. I nursed in stores, shopping malls, dressing rooms, the church nursery, which had a nursing room that played the sermon over a speaker, restaurants, trains, planes, never once was given a problem, so I am often shocked to see people say they are given such problem. If you display a confidence about yourself, nobody is going to think you look like you are doing something wrong.

missnanny missnanny 3 years
Personally, I would rather be in private nursing my baby than sitting in some of these venues. Most women can nurse their baby discreetly - and no one ever knows. It is the ones that think pulling their boob out and nursing their child is their right - maybe so, but I also have the right not to have to see it, don't I?
Lindiwe15441504 Lindiwe15441504 3 years
You only feed a baby when it is hungry , just like us we eat when we are hungry , so why can't I feed my baby when it is hungry? Why must I hide when I have to feed my child? Maybe because in South Africa breastfeeding comes naturally.
CoMMember13613742716267 CoMMember13613742716267 3 years
It's so sad that natural breast feeding wherever is still discriminated against. For goodness sake, we can't make a child feed when it suits others, the child is hungry that's it. The general public need a big wake up call, I bet they wouldn't mind if they saw a woman walking down the street in a skimpy bikini! !
scouter9933 scouter9933 3 years
Most Mom's are very discreet when they nurse! You see more 'boobage' at Hooters and the pool, then you do from a nursing mom! Hey, this is what they were designed for - to feed babies - so get over it...
MuniqueSnyder MuniqueSnyder 3 years
I think the one with the judge and custody dispute is wrong. There is no reason for her to stop breastfeeding, she could have just pumped a supply for the dad's house. Also, a doctor or lactation specialist could easily have observed to see if the child would or would not use a bottle.... If not, stopping would not help, because the baby is more likely to turn away formula than breastmilk if bottle-forced. However, I do understand that both parents are entitled to bonding time, it is quite possible the mom used this as an excuse- that information is too limited to get the whole story.
AlannaHackett AlannaHackett 3 years
KatieBona KatieBona 3 years
To say these women were "banned" is misleading. Banned implies there is a policy in place prohibiting breastfeeding... almost every single incident was employee error or possibly even misunderstanding. Its common to assume somebody would rather nurse where its quiet and private. It doesn't mean the mother was "banned". Perhaps the lifeguard thought he waa helping her out by offering to watch the kids. Or Victoris Secret was busy that day and needed the changing room for ... well, changing. And my church offfers every mother a rocking chair in front of a tv playing service live for nursing or crying babies. I'm a brestfeeder all the way. But most of these are not more a case misunderstanding.... although the terrorist one is pretty bizarre!!
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