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Ginger25565 Ginger25565 3 years

If you are the "mean girl" in your group (PTA, neighborhood, soccer moms), your daughter may follow in your footsteps. Kids don't come up with this stuff on their own; they learn from us.

Community-Assistant Community-Assistant 3 years

Hi Tracy, thanks for your comment! We'd be glad to further assist if you could please send an email to

Looking forward to hearing from you.

charlottefisher85117 charlottefisher85117 3 years

I notice that all of the pictures in this article were sourced from Flickr. I assume that this was not with the knowledge of the source? I would be horrified if pictures of my daughter innocently posted onto Flickr were being used in an article on mean girls etc. Am I wrong? I hope so.

CindyLaskevich CindyLaskevich 3 years

I have 3 daughters, ages 26-25-16. They are all successful and have lots of friends. And age 12 was the worst for all of them. Include me in that list too. I don't know why, but it seems to be the peak of "mean". Please let your daughter know she's not alone! If she has a mean girl (or more than one) bothering her, let her know that while they may seem to have power and control now, having a reputation as a mean girl becomes something that is hard to shake as time goes by. Even as adults they may still be shunned because of how harshly they treated others along the way. I can recommend a couple of books on the topic if you are interested.

CariStaggs CariStaggs 3 years

No, it is not as valid as all of that. You are just being touchy about something that is very true. However, it doesn't fit in this case. Being a snot on your period doesn't make you a bully all the time.

BarbaraTurner82515 BarbaraTurner82515 3 years

Boy did we have some in our schools when I was growing up! I was in fact victimized several times by verbal, emotional and physical abuse. Our parents just shuffed it off as "kids will be kids!" But it hurt!

emivarga emivarga 3 years

what about Mean boys?

marilyngeorge24807 marilyngeorge24807 3 years

This describes, to the letter, and to the letter, an awful child in my daughter's class!

AnnMarieGubenko1368819342 AnnMarieGubenko1368819342 3 years

Every mother of a girl should read this. I am sharing this everywhere! And I am reading it to my daughter that is 12. She has had a horrible year and I need to make sure she recognizes these things as well. Great read!

JonaHamilton74141 JonaHamilton74141 3 years

Blaming periods--uggh! That's as valid as saying "when she's tired", "when she's got a zit", "when she's gotten a bad grade", "when she misses her favorite TV show", etc.

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