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MarySchneider56187 MarySchneider56187 2 years

Having been a parent for 18 years... YES to all of these. lol

Don't sweat the small stuff, Mamas. It becomes big stuff in the blink of an eye.

LeahMusawwir LeahMusawwir 3 years

I have 5 and one in the oven, and I'm here to tell ya that I have learned all of these rules the hard way. The scissor incident happened 2 years ago and her hair still hasn't fully grown back! LOL, I may be laughing now, but I wasn't then. One more rule that I would recommend is: When you see IT, just stop, turn around and walk away for a minute, imagine that you are on America's Funniest Videos, and try to find the humor in it. This one rule has made my life and my children's lives much easier! Also rule #2 that I would recommend is: if they are old enough to help mess it up, then they are old enough to help clean it up. I see a lot of new parents just clean up every mess their child makes without even considering the thought to have the child help. I was guilty of this until my second oldest was a few months old. Then one day as I sat and watched my 2yr old cover the living room with crayons, flash cards, and construction paper while I nursed my littlest one, I decided that crayons are just as easy to put into a bin as they are to take out of a bin, and we know that he is definitely capable of taking them out! :-)

Also, ditch the lollipops, and go for the fruit and veggies. I always keep carrot sticks, apples, and grapes handy. Children only don't like veggies if you teach them not to like veggies.

LindaGaertner LindaGaertner 3 years

Perhaps there's an age that #30 (quick trip to the store) ceases to be true, but in almost 9 years, I haven't found it yet... Also a really simple flip I've picked up from a number of grade schools: If you count to get your child to move "now", count backwards. There's a definite endpoint that's always the same!

BarbaraJohnson35637 BarbaraJohnson35637 3 years

That is probably the best parenting advice and I have 4 year old triplet boys!

BarbaraTurner82515 BarbaraTurner82515 3 years

Actually some of these are sheer stupidity and lack of common sense. You DON'T lay your keys in the seat of a grocery cart! You certainly don't leave home w/o plenty of diapers with babies or toddlers. You do not put a pile of rice on a high chair tray. really stupid! First of all the child could choke on the grains! Bunk beds are very safe and it's up to the parent to enforce 'NO' rules - millions of kids use them without incident! Some of these pictures are here just for the sake of the person who took them to get attention.

TrinaZwarich TrinaZwarich 3 years

so true...though I would suggest always having a snack readily available (especially for boys) rather than a lollipop, as sucking on a hard candy will simply lead to unnecessary trips to the dentist.

robynweinbaum robynweinbaum 3 years

when they sang 'the clean up song' in my daughter's nursery school, she would hide under the table.

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