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IlsaDumas IlsaDumas 2 years

A year I would say if the mother has the resources to buy formulae, and longer is she doesn't.

IlsaDumas IlsaDumas 2 years

That's right, and that's when the problem is. Nobody is denying the right to a child to be fed. It's the way they are puting it.

IlsaDumas IlsaDumas 2 years

Some women have attention seeking disorder.

IlsaDumas IlsaDumas 2 years

You said "baby steps". That what I thought it was coming. I don't see that much of a distant from being completely naked. But again, I was voicing out what I have learned from others. Someone told me (from my own country where breastfeeding is naturally practiced) that as a teenager, he used to get aroused when his sisters in law were feeding their own babies because they exposed themselves in front of him. That is one thing that I think and do: I cannot control what happens on the streets, but in my house women will have to cover if my husband is around.

IlsaDumas IlsaDumas 2 years

So, uncovering the breasts is the same concept. The women is still a woman and the breasts see still the same breasts. I personally don't care what people do. They can go naked everywhere, anytime. I believe they are the only ones disrespecting themselves. As I said before, I protected myself. I would not let other people that I don't intend to show, see me. Maybe I am not that generous. I only show to the person I select to show. The rest are limited.

IlsaDumas IlsaDumas 2 years

So, why women cover their breasts then? If it's not sexual they might as well leave them uncover at all times (Wheather permitted)

CyndiRector CyndiRector 2 years

Now is a "regular" mom was to do this everyone would be screaming but since these are celeb moms it is all ok. can you say double standard!!!!

FrankChurch FrankChurch 2 years

Tonya it's natural, If you want to feed your little one in public there should be NO Shame in that. It shows that you love your child and are giving it the best care you can.

IlsaDumas IlsaDumas 2 years

The issue is not whether you use your body for its intended purpose. The issue is how you use it. When you go to the bathroom to defecate you close the door and use your body for its intended purpose. In the same way, if our culture is for the breasts to be covered, then you cover you breasts while using them for its intended purpose again. You have to see what is accepted and what is not. The muslim world and some other cultures consider a vulgarity for women to show their faces. In our culture we don't have such customs. Everything is to what we, as a whole have accepted. I am sure that those primitive people and those who practice nudity will not have an issue with it. You have to know though, that this is neither one.

Brittany14485128 Brittany14485128 2 years


TonyaBraydee-Xo1371166592 TonyaBraydee-Xo1371166592 2 years

A lot of anti breast feeders here spreading their hate. SMH, it's reasons like this that I honestly feel insecure to breastfeed my baby in my OWN house when quest show up. I wish I had the courage to breastfeed my baby in public.

TonyaBraydee-Xo1371166592 TonyaBraydee-Xo1371166592 2 years

Girl you need to lighten up! Breastfeeding is a very beautiful and natural way to feed your child. They have merely captured the beauty of it in their photograph. I breastfed and if someone could capture the magic of breastfeeding in a photograph like that for me and my beautiful newborn daughter I would be soo happy. They work and they a beautiful woman. Should they honestly be judged for breastfeeding because they wear heals? Woman like you are the ones who do woman a disservice.

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