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KristyS1388771706 KristyS1388771706 3 years

I am a mother, a law enforcement officer, and private gun owner. As such, it is my responsibility to teach my children how to behave around guns, even how to handle guns properly, so that wherever they come across guns, if they do, they know what to do. It is also my responsibility to properly store my own guns so that any visitor in my home does not get hurt if they decide to go snooping around. It is NOT my responsibility to advocate for gun control, infringing on the Constitutional rights of all Americans. Legal, responsible gun ownership is not the problem; illegal and irresponsible gun possession is. Please stop preying upon people's emotions and trying to whip up a frenzy.

DenisePeterson1381727983 DenisePeterson1381727983 3 years

The media never reports the lives that are saved by guns! In Luke 22:36 God does not want HIS children to be defenseless so HE told us to by a sword (gun), and it is so important that we follow HIS WILL that HE told us to sell our robe in order to buy a gun! Your propaganda never seems to cease because you do NOT have the truth in you! Hitler disarmed the Jewish citizens just so he could murder them and your friend Obama and the UN both want to do the same thing to American citizens…those who refuse to acknowledge sharia law which is not a religion but rather is a cult! Get a life "Moms"!

mnwatson1 mnwatson1 3 years

The deaths are not due to gun OWNERSHIP, but rather due to people who ignorantly don't teach their children and families about gun SAFETY. Let's be honest, if the people who are so terrified of guns themselves (who tend to be those who call the loudest for "gun control" aka the removal of guns from individuals,) would stop mouthing about a right we're given constitutionally, and would start teaching themselves AND their children about gun safety, including the anatomy of a gun, how to use a gun properly, and to never touch a gun that doesn't belong to them and when an adult isn't around, then this might not be such an issue. Instead, people teach their children to be terrified of guns, that guns are horrible things meant for killing other people, so when that one child prone to whatever it is that ultimately creates a school shooter gets the idea that they want to kill someone, what is the first thing they look for? A gun. They won't care where they get it, either. Most gun owners are responsible enough to keep their guns locked away, and their ammunition locked away separately. They teach their children properly. 30 years ago, you didn't hear about these issues, because nearly all children were taught how to behave properly. The problem is the parents, not the children. Children who are taught to avoid something, will invariably go looking for it sooner or later.

Nowen Nowen 3 years

Wow, bulldog909. Surprised you visit the pop sugar/moms website, but welcome. They always have the best articles! Did you catch the one about the 5 tips for discussing your daughters period? I recommend it if you missed it. Oh, and how excited are you to read about Kristen Bell's 2nd pregnancy. They just don't get any cuter than her. Do us a favor and share your kids summer reading list with everyone. I KNOW you were so upset by the dads who were denied parenthood of their twins! Can you believe there is still such backward thinking, some of these people are still opposed to same sex marriage and two dads adopting a baby. Well all we can do is wait for that generation to die out and we will finally have a less hate filled country. Have a great summer bulldog!

Nowen Nowen 3 years

Thank you for this very informative article. I will definitely ask every parent if they have a gun in their home. If so, my child will never go there.

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