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ElizabethClark55002 ElizabethClark55002 3 years

How old was your brother for those in charge moments? Also the babysitter isn't a parent. The use of the term suggests temporary child minding not watching them all day every day.

ElizabethClark55002 ElizabethClark55002 3 years

So when you had kids you never had the expectation that when they get to a certain age they will do chores like picking up their rooms?
If so they were born with a job so to speak.

ElizabethClark55002 ElizabethClark55002 3 years

Good grief people what's so bad about the kids helping out Mom? We all had little jobs or chores as kids like taking out the trash or picking up our rooms, well for some other families it may be watching the little ones once in awhile. We're talking about kids who just one generation ago would have been babysitting for a little extra cash, what's wrong with helping Mom and Dad when Mom may have to go get groceries? It's no different then helping with the dishes.

It's meant to be taken in a lighthearted way because of course you don't have more kids to use up baby names.

Chiquitabanana1399399059 Chiquitabanana1399399059 3 years

Lame free babysitting? Wrong. You're the parent, not your kids. My mom used that tactic and guess what? I was tied to a tree and left for hours. I was locked inside an old fridge and left to suffocate by my brother who was "in charge"

FrancinePrevost FrancinePrevost 3 years

These are the worst reasons to have kids. Kids should not be born with jobs and #8 I have to say is the worst reason on the list.

ROBERTMRVELJ1403847844 ROBERTMRVELJ1403847844 3 years

Its hard to have big family specially during bad times its not exactly the best time and if you want to have big family you should think over it little more if you have been pregnant if youre willing to go through the same thing again and if its worth it if you and your family can be able to stay solid not risk getting into troubles if something went wrong but also here comes a question if you had son born and if you would find later out that your daughter or if had older son loving younger brother so much would you support their relationship or not and separate family because it seems awkward if 2 sibilings have incest as many names it but its not actually much diffrent from when normal man and woman having sex it cant be helped and if you had only one child if wanted to have another child if you would be willing to accept if then son and daughter or 2 daughters for example loving eachother if can accept it you shouldnt need to worry and try teach them to not resent eachother because of something sometimes family woulds be torn apart because of someone cheating and then leaving or if something else happened if you had son and daughter if they kissed eachother on the lips very much i think some wouldnt accept that and split brother and sister because diffrances can scare many of you thats what i think if you want to have family despite risks then i say go ahead but you should remember to not force two let go of something if both your daughter and son loved eachother if it just happened it proves sometimes things cant be controlled you just sometimes gotta accept much as it is but goverment would wana forbidd it and society , morals, ethics and illuminati all in complete set of bullshit
disguised and hidden away and use alcohol to make many of you more stupid than you would already be not able to think better and if youre afraid id say alcohol cant always be solution it wouldnt work forever sooner or later you would need to face fear or issue
if feeling scared you shouldnt need to run from truth and instead accept things if even 2 daughters loved eachother or 2 cousins loving eachother i think GOD and LUCIFER (satan) wouldnt go against it if both relatives are not married to someone else if aware of that its wrong to cheat if you teach your children thats its wrong to commit adultrey it
would help a little teenagers are stubborn and sometimes refuse to listen but they can understand eventually i have said everything i wanted to say bye GOD BLESS YOU AND MAY LUCIFER BLESS YOU TOO.

MistyCuellar MistyCuellar 3 years

I have a large family but none of these reasons were why. I wanted 12 when I was younger and at this point we have 9! There are many challenges but also many joys with having so many, but my kids are raised to love and respect each other as well as other humans. I wouldn't trade them for the world! I love my kiddos!

xlove33 xlove33 3 years

Not very convincing.

StaceyAshton StaceyAshton 3 years

What's with the live in babysitter part. You are the child's parent, it is not your older child/rens responsibility to look after your kids.

StaceyAshton StaceyAshton 3 years

On the list of baby names at bottom left, did i read right, that it says fuckin' nuts???

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