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2008 Job Outlook

The Grind: 2008 Job Outlook

The new year is typically a good time to look for a new job, but the recent unemployment report suggests this year may be different. Unemployment shot up to five percent in December, meaning the economic decline we've seen in real estate is now spilling over into other parts of the economy. While other parts of the job market are suffering, heath care and education seem to be a constant hiring source.

In the clip below, random professionals on the street predict what job growth will be like in their respective industries. Try not to get distracted by the sexy accent of the first interviewee.

While most of these people seem more optimistic than not, I'm wondering if they're feeling the same way about their salaries. The Wall Street Journal reported that salary hikes would be weak, especially for employees at bigger companies and low on the totem-pole workers. Be sure to ask your boss what it would take to get a bonus, because this might be your best bet for more money in '08.

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