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50 Shades of Grey Christian Grey Flaws

5 Christian Grey Career and Money Mistakes to Avoid

Women love billionaire Christian Grey of the famed 50 Shades of Grey novel because he isn't perfect (and some are arguing the recent casting of Grey is far from perfect). He's flawed, which suits the trilogy's underlying theme of bad boy reformation. Because of his complicated upbringing and stunted adulthood, Christian makes a lot of mistakes in all aspects of his life, which includes career and money decisions. Here are some Christian Grey mistakes we should avoid. Watch out for spoilers!:

Mixing business with pleasure. When Christian finds himself smitten with the book's main character, Anastasia Steele, he offers her an internship at his company. His offer is a means to get to know Steele better, which isn't a healthy way to start a relationship. Try not to mix business with pleasure, and work with someone just because you're interested in them. Keep in mind that if things go sour, you'll end up having to work with the person and it just adds another layer of complication to the relationship.

Not acknowledging your partner's money style. Although Ana feels uncomfortable with using Christian's money, the tortured billionaire almost forces his lavish lifestyle on her — buying her a car, laptop, and BlackBerry from the get-go. You need to acknowledge your partner's style of spending and living and both of you need to come to an agreement together. Money is one of the biggest issues that couples fight about, so both sides need to respect each other's opinions and meet halfway to compromise.

Prenup, prenup, prenup. When Christian marries Ana, he does not want a prenup and goes into a rage when his dad suggests signing one. What Christian needs to understand is that a prenup doesn't mean that you're betting against the marriage. It's also a good step to openly discussing finances, which is a healthy move for couples to make.

Read on for more Christian Grey mistakes.

Dealing with relationship drama during work. During work hours, Christian constantly gets upset with Ana's disobedience and keeps reaching out to her for affirmation. Dealing with relationship drama at work can quickly drain energy. Leave your relationship problems and insecurities for after work. Don't deal with any hot-button relationship issues during work or it can spill into your work life and affect your attitude.

Picking the wrong people to ally yourself with professionally. It's not the best idea to professionally tie yourself to someone with a lot of issues. Christian opens several spas with his first mistress, Elena, a.k.a. Mrs. Robinson, who first introduced him to less than savory pursuits. Be careful of who you tie yourself to because who you mix with professionally is a reflection of yourself.

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