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Awkward Moments at Work

9 Awkward Work Moments You Wish You Could Take Back

The office is just like high school. Remember the good ol' days when something would happen that made you wish the floor would open up and swallow you? Well, those awkward moments keep happening way past graduation. Look on the bright side: at least there isn't a gym class for you to fall flat on your face.

1. When you walk past someone and wave or say hi to them, but they don't see or hear it

Source: Warner Bros.

Just pat your hair, cough, and walk away.

2. When you listen to music with headphones . . . that are unplugged

Source: MTV

So that's why I had to keep turning the volume up!

3. When you say goodbye before realizing you're walking in the same direction

4. When you're in the bathroom at the same time as your co-worker

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Do we continue talking? Do we both ignore the sounds coming from our stalls?

Read on, and cringe!

5. When you mispronounce a word throughout the whole presentation

Source: Nickelodeon

Did not get the memo that meme was pronounced "meem."

6. When you crack a joke during a meeting that no one laughs at

Source: TBS

Maybe if you laugh loud enough at your own joke, no one will notice.

7. "How are you?" "Good! You?" "I'm doing good! You? Oh . . . "

Source: Sony

8. When there's an interruption during a conference call and you're trying to coordinate who should speak

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"No, you go ahead." "No, you." "No, you!"

9. When someone holds the door open for you, but you're a bit too far away, so you awkwardly jog to catch up

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