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Bill Gates's Career Advice

Bill Gates Is Doling Out Free Career Advice on Twitter, and It Is Gold

Unsurprisingly, people are constantly trying to mine the secrets to career success from Bill Gates. So, in an effort to satisfy the requests for advice, the tech legend has taken to Twitter to dole out a series of insights and pro tips. In addition to advising on the best professional fields to pursue today (energy, biosciences), the Microsoft cofounder mused on things that he's discovered don't really matter (like a person's level of intelligence) and the things that actually matter the most (like making a positive difference in the lives of others). And of course, he gave a shout-out to his philanthropic wife, Melinda Gates, who "challenges, teaches, and pushes" him to be his best self.

These tweets of wisdom are inspiring for all of us — not just new grads — so keep scrolling to witness what is basically a miniature commencement speech in the age of Twitter.

Image Source: Getty / James Leynse
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