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BranchOut, a Facebook Job Hunting App

BranchOut: The Facebook App That Will Get You a Job

Move over LinkedIn, BranchOut might be replacing you. A job seeker friend of mine just sent me a link to this Facebook App called BranchOut, which may very well score you a job by using your immense social network to your favor.

As most of you know, networking is key to scoring a job, rather than sending in resumes and applying for jobs online. Even if you found the job listing online, it helps to have a friend who works at the company to drop your resume with HR. BranchOut will help you tap into your Facebook friends and check to see if anyone you know happens to work at the place you hope to have a job.

So you know that prolific Facebook list you've been building? Well, you now have a practical excuse for growing it — because you want to find a job. "People who aren't close may not help each other, but warm connections will. Everyone knows where their best friends works, but someone like a roommate from college who is at a different job since you last spoke is a warm connection that will definitely help if asked," BranchOut's spokesperson, Kai Fortney tells SavvySugar. "Friends want to help their friends succeed, and BranchOut wants to foster these connections."

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