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Dear Sugar
I just got my driver's license and I end up driving my friends around a lot. Recently, one of my good friends got her's also, but she refuses to drive anywhere.

She'll say that she doesn't want to drive, or that it doesn't make sense for her to drive if I'm going to drive, too. She always promises to give me gas money when we go out, but when it's time to fill up my tank, she makes up an excuse (like she doesn't have any money or she shouldn't be the one filling up my tank).

She comes up with these totally outrageous places for me to drive her to, and she makes me feel like I have to take her there - so I do. How can I get her to understand that what she's asking me to do for her isn't fair to me? Feeling Used Friend

Dear Feeling Used Friend
That's so weird. If she's a new driver, you'd think that she would want to be the one driving all of the time. I'll bet that she's either really bad behind the wheel or she's being cheap and doesn't want to pay for gas.

But why do you feel like you have to take her places when she asks? Just say no or, tell her that from now on you are going to take turns driving. If she's not OK with that explain to her that you don't want to turn this into a money thing, but she's really being unfair by not offering to pay for gas once in a while and you are getting upset with her lack of consideration for you.

Plus, it's expensive to drive around town now. Has she checked out gas prices lately? I am sure your friend is just pushing you to your limit and testing you. It's important that you have this talk with her ASAP because she's not being fair, and she's not being a very good friend to you.

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