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Do You Know How Much Your Friends Make?

When it comes to my bank statements and my Facebook updates, I like to keep the two separate. I don't advertise how much I'm making, and for the most part, the rest of my friends stay pretty mum on their salaries as well. We all have a pretty good idea of how we spend money, so there's no real need to get into the nitty gritty of it. I guess, then, I was a little surprised to see an acquaintance update her Facebook status with a big announcement about a raise at work. Her self-congratulatory message touted the dollar amount of her pay increase, and in case anyone missed it on FB, a mutual friend also informed me that she sent an email to about 10 of her good friends to share the good news, and all of the financial details.

I'm all for sharing good news with friends, but sharing salary specifics is something I'm not likely to do. Still, after talking to some girlfriends, I found that it wasn't uncommon to have friends get very personal about their salaries, bonuses, and other money and paycheck talk. So, where do you stand? Do you know how much your friends make, or is this kind of sharing a little too much, even for good friends?

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