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Fiance Isn't Saving Money Like He Promised

Ask a Savvy Bride: He's Not Saving Like We Planned

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Dear Savvy Bride,

For the past nine months, my fiancé and I have been on a tight budget. We made the decision to be extremely frugal with our money so we could have enough to go on our dream honeymoon without going into credit card debt. Over the past few months we've had to make real sacrifices — we've cut our traveling all together and have even had to say no to attending friend's bachelorette and bachelor parties. Our wedding is at the end of the Summer and my fiance just informed me that he's going to our mutual friend's 35th birthday party in Miami a month before our wedding. I'm beyond angry that he went against our pact — why should he be able to go away with his friends when I've refrained? What do I do?

About to Get Married and Mad Molly

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Dear Molly,

Without meddling too much in your relationship, your fiance shouldn't get to go away with his friends if you're unable to — I'd be just as angry as you are if I were in your shoes. Since I'm not privy to your financial situation as a couple, I can only ask questions that might help you understand his rationale. Did he get a bonus recently where he'd feel more comfortable spending money? Is this a close friend where he just couldn't say no? Did he already have plans to go before you two made this pact?

Being on the same page when it comes to money is crucial before you get married. My advice to you is to let him know how you feel and tell him how concerned you are about the fact that he broke a promise he made to you. You're both entitled to spend your own money however you see fit, but communication is key — especially if you're saving for something special for the two of you to enjoy together. Good luck to you.

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