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Fun Marissa Mayer Trivia

10 Interesting Things to Know About Marissa Mayer

As the first female engineer at Google, Marissa Mayer has always been prominent in the press and a public advocate for professional women, which is why the whole Internet is abuzz with her new role as Yahoo! CEO. Although she's just 37, it seems that she has already been racking up a lifetime of achievements. Here are some cool facts about everyone's favorite girlie geek:

  • Growing up, she was always accomplished. Back in high school, she was on the debate team, dance team, and math club and was the president of the Spanish club. She also played piano and babysat.
  • She got accepted to all 10 of the colleges she applied to. She picked Stanford.
  • She was an overachiever in college, too. Her extracurricular activities included dancing in her university ballet's Nutcracker, volunteering at children's hospitals, and teaching in her junior year.
  • She loves high fashion. Designer Oscar de la Renta once told Vogue that Mayer is one of his biggest customers, and she once paid $60,000 to have lunch with him.

Read on for more on Mayer.

  • She shares similar interests with her husband. They love cooking and participate in marathons and triathlons.
  • She's health conscious. She sits on a fitness ball on the weekends instead of a chair and joined Weight Watchers online at one point.
  • She briefly shows her dance moves in this music video (see 1:47) that was part of San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee's campaign.
  • Tech wasn't her first choice. She initially wanted to be a pediatric neurosurgeon.
  • One of her homes is a penthouse worth millions in the Four Seasons hotel in San Francisco.
  • She was very strategic about picking a job after college. She managed to get 14 job offers, and she tried to pick between them by creating "a matrix ranking how each position compared across a slew of characteristics, including location, salary, lifestyle index, career trajectory and predicted happiness on a scale of one to ten."
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