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Good Question to Ask During Interview

A Question Your Interviewer Will Be Impressed By

One of the most telling things about a job candidate is the type of questions she asks the interviewer. You don't have much time to ask a lot of questions, so make sure you ask the right ones. US News & World Report came out with a nice list of good interview questions to ask, and there was one in particular that caught my eye:

Thinking back to the person who you've seen do this job best, what made their performance so outstanding?

Most managers' ears will perk up at this question, because it signals that you care not just about being average or even good, but truly great. This is the question managers wish all their employees would ask.

That's a pretty good question to ask, but remember to also pay attention to what your interviewer is saying throughout the interview so you can tailor specific questions to what you both discussed. This will show her that you're good at paying attention and processing information. What kind of questions have you asked during an interview?

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