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Habits of Boring People

13 Agonizing Things That Boring People Do

Sometimes you see a person walking toward you and all you want to do is run in the other direction . . . because that dreaded acquaintance is so boring. And you know what? Boring people are the worst. The awkward pauses, the bland conversation — it's all torture to go through as the extrovert in the situation.

Being less than lackluster certainly doesn't get anyone ahead in life. When it comes to getting a job, building a network, or pretty much doing anything normal human beings do, the uninspiring people will certainly fall behind. Employers and friends don't want to have to do all the work when it comes to having a relationship with you. Check out these 13 things that boring people do, and make sure to avoid including them in your daily life.

1. They never ask any questions.

When carrying on a conversation, it should feel like a conversation, not an interview. Make sure one person isn't doing all the work.

2. They discuss the weather . . . and only the weather.

When there's nothing to talk about, the quintessential boring person will take the weather route. We all know it's "awfully chilly today"; we went outside as well. Challenge yourself to talk about something more directly related to the person you are speaking to.

3. They're unwilling to try anything new.

Don't be that one friend who insists on going to the same three restaurants forever and eternity. If something new pops up, give it a try and show your friends that you're willing to step outside of your comfort zone.

4. They complain about everything and anything.

This is an especially big hit in the workplace. Your workload is too big? The office coffee sucks? Keep it to yourself, because an employer will definitely notice your antics.

5. They only talk about themselves.

If you show zero interest in others, they will show no interest in you. We doubt that your friend wants a 30-minute-long description of your dream last night. How about you ask her how her real-life night went?

6. Going out and socializing is always their last resort.

If somebody invites you out, go! Not only does saying no show that you have little interest in another person, but it also causes you to miss out on great experiences.

7. They are big downers.

Don't cause others to be unhappy. Being the Debbie Downer in the room puts a damper on the atmosphere and also causes people to avoid you out of sheer fear of unhappiness.

8. They don't smile . . . like, ever.

Haven't you ever heard the phrase "smiling is contagious"? Unfortunately, frowning is contagious too. Surround yourself with good vibes, and make sure that your body language shows that you have a positive attitude.

9. They rarely have an opinion.

. . . Unless it's about the weather.

10. Laughter is a rare occurrence in their presence.

Here's the deal: people love to laugh. Laughing is associated with being entertaining and engaging. If not even as much as a chuckle is happening in your presence, you might be in trouble.

11. They experience many long, silent pauses in conversation.

This means that your peer is frantically thinking of another subject to talk about because you simply won't contribute to an awkward situation. The pauses are your opportunity to put your two cents in.

12. They don't have any hobbies.

Pick an interest outside of the workplace. Not only does it show that you have interests, but hobbies are also great conversation starters.

13. They don't leave an impression.

Regrettably, this is because boring people are not memorable. Speak up, let your voice be heard, and don't let people forget who you are.

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