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The Highest Earning Degrees

Is There Such a Thing as a "Useless" College Degree?

What your major is in college has a high chance of dictating what your future salary will be like. A recent study by Georgetown University found that there is a strong correlation between the choice of undergraduate major and their earning potential. Anthony Carnevale, director of Georgetown's Center on Education and the Workforce, says that although a bachelor's degree is important, "It's almost three to four times more important what you take."

It's common knowledge that a college degree will earn you more than a high school degree — in fact, the study quotes graduates earning 84 percent more over a lifetime. However, it's pretty eye-opening to learn that over that the research revealed that the majors with the highest earning potential have a salary that is 300 percent higher than the majors that earn the lowest wages.

But does getting a low salary mean a major is "useless"? The Daily Beast recently created a list of the most worthless college degrees, and I cringed when I saw my major, journalism, at the top of the list. Although some may deem that degree as "worthless," I feel that majoring in it gave me a really rich educational experience that has helped shape my motivation and drive to succeed. However in hindsight, I would've loved to double major in a more stable field such as computer science, just as a job security blanket. Do you believe that some degrees are useless?

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