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How to Announce Your Engagement at Work

Announcing Your Engagement at Work: 5 Things to Consider

You’ve said yes, slipped on the ring, and called your family and best friends to share the news. But come Monday morning, it’s time to tell the people you spend 40-plus hours a week with about your newly-engaged status.

Sharing the news with your closest work buddies is a no-brainer; they’ll be excited for you, and may even be invited to the wedding. But even co-workers you’re not close to will need to know at least the bare minimum about your impending nuptials. Getting married involves taking time off, leaving during the day for fittings and appointments, and often changing your name and address — all developments your co-workers and boss should be aware of.

  • The size of your office: In a smaller office, it’s important that you fill everyone in on your news right away. If you only work with 10 people, and two of them find out a day later than everyone else, count on some hurt feelings.
  • Your work environment: Is your office a small, tightly knit group that you regularly have drinks with after hours? Or a more formal, professional team that rarely discusses personal info? Let the vibe at work determine how you decide to announce your news.
  • Any not-yet-engaged gals on your team: You shouldn’t pretend your engagement is no biggie just because your co-worker’s BF hasn’t popped the question yet. But if she’s been complaining for months about wishing he would just DO it already, you’ll want to be sensitive — make sure your excitement doesn’t turn into gloating or smugness.
  • The length of your engagement: If you’re in for a quick engagement and your wedding date is already fast approaching, you’ll need to let your co-workers know ASAP. If your big day is a year or two away, it may be OK to take your time filling in more peripheral co-workers.
  • How big of an impact the wedding will have on your job: Are you the manager of a large team, elbow-deep in a big project, or responsible for tasks no one else can do? If so, you might even want to consider giving your co-workers a rough time line for when you’ll be out, and keep them abreast of any time off you’ll be taking for appointments.
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