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How to Be Happy at Work 2011-02-08 13:45:13

Workplace Happiness: If They're Smiling, You're Smiling

It's not the product that makes the company, it's the people behind the firm. Silicon Valley investor Peter Thiel said recently at a Commonwealth Club talk that the "main success of Google and Facebook [is] probably hiring of talented people. [It's] more the people than the specific products." However, success is not just monetary — it's also the overall happiness of a work environment, and who you interact with on a daily basis can contribute to that.

If you're struggling to make sense of why you're so unsatisfied with work, take a look around you. Are you surrounded by negative people who drain your energy? You can try to have a more positive approach to them, and it might just make a difference. After all, positivity breeds positivity. Little things like doing a favor for your co-workers without expecting anything in return or being more vocal about expressing gratitude can help.

And if you find yourself engaged in nasty office politics, use these tips to maintain workplace harmony. It also helps to realize that you don't have to be BFFs with everyone at your office, and maintaining pleasant professional relationships is OK, too. Of course, it's icing on the cake if you have a close confidant at work, but don't fret about it if you don't.

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